Everything About Vintage Style

//Everything About Vintage Style

We live in a world in which fashion means everything for everyone, we live in an age where newer is better, where a good sense of fashion is often being confused with expressing your sexuality.

Not very long ago, there was an age where an exquisite sense of fashion meant expressing your femininity and not your sexuality. This kind of style gained its success due to the fact that the clothes were the perfect combination between elegance and functionality and a great shift from all that we had known that fashion meant before it. As I said, Vintage Fashion revolves mostly around femininity, with elegance and functionality also at its core.


Typical for the 1920’s-1970’s are the craft inspired dresses, which mainly reflected the rebellion, and self-dependence of women who wanted to highlight the major change that their society had suffered. Even if sexuality hasn’t been expressed as it is today, the great Coco Chanel redefined the term of sexiness. She created the “Boyish look” which encouraged women in making a statement. Elements such as red lipsticks, floral patterns, cloche hats, above knee hemlines and dresses that did not embrace women shapes were archetypal for the 1920’s-1970’s style.

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Despite the fact that women shapes weren’t embraced in the casual day dresses, the long evening dresses had another story to tell. The evening dresses exhibited the opulence of people. We shouldn’t confound vintage clothing with old fashion clothing, because there is only one attribute we could assign to vintage, and that is: classic.


I draw attention to the term of vintage clothing that is generally used to refer to old, used clothes or to a piece of clothing created and designed in that era, because Vintage is also the term that alludes to the style inspired from back then and created in our days. Likewise, there are many vintage clothing collectors that own hand sewed clothes signed by the most famous designers in the world, such as: Jeanne Lanvin, Valentino, Coco Chanel, Madeline Vionnet.


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If you would like to endorse the 1920’s- 1970’s day by day clothing style you can add some vintage elements to your daily outfits, such as a powerful contrast or you could improve your wardrobe with a sailor dress, a men’s hat or with many flower print rocks or blouses. The jewels worn between the 1920’s – 1970’s were comprised of big necklaces and rings.

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If you are really attracted to this kind of clothing, and you want to wear a vintage evening dress, you should choose an outrageous black dress and match it with a pearl necklace, accompanied by some white gloves.


Also, the Vintage style is characterized through its flawless elegant touch, and by glamour itself. Moreover, Vintage represents an attitude, not just a dress style, and today, thanks to the famous fashion designers that existed back in the day we can still wear classic and elegant dresses in 2013.


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