How To Rock With Fashionable Plus Size Clothing

//How To Rock With Fashionable Plus Size Clothing

Women who wear size 12 and above have the same rights to wear clothes that they think suit them just like the skinny ladies. Being a plus-size beauty does not mean they have to shy away from wearing high fashion stylish clothes. It may appear that fashion industry mainly works for the skinny girls but there are other clothing companies that cater for these curvy women to bring out the confidence in them. Fashionable plus size clothing are now seen on the glossy pages of the magazines telling that full figured women are beginning to take their place on the center stage.

Fashionable plus size clothing

Keep in mind that it is not confined in black ensembles. If you are one of the curvy women who are ready to jump to be fashion forward, here are some guidelines to bring out the best of your curves:

1. Do not settle on baggy pants.

You can actually wear skinny jeans and leggings but keep in mind the length of your top. Make sure that you pair it with an appropriate length top so that you do not flaunt too much of your curves. Too short of a top will only put emphasis on your hips so might want to choose a piece that ends at least below your hipbone.


2. Purchase clothing that will fit your body NOW

Sometimes, we buy clothes a couple of size smaller thinking that it be a motivation to shed a few pounds. But does it really work that way? Most probably no, and it only ends up not being worn at all. It is also a mistake to buy clothes that are too big or baggy. Plus-size women tend to hide under big clothes, but it only adds to the size of your actual body. A proper fitting outfit will flatter any shapes and sizes.

3. Be wise and spend on pieces that can go with most of the outfits in your closet.

Nice fitting shirts in basic colors are a good investment. A great pair of jeans that hugs your shape in all the right places will definitely go a long way. A smart sweater that does not add bulk is another great addition to your wardrobe. Just choose wisely and it will work with the rest of your clothes.

4. When it comes to accessorizing, scarves are your best friend.

It can jazz up your old clothes and it can conceal in a subtle and smart way. Buy scarves in plain solid shades and some in fun prints and try to incorporate it to your outfits.

5. Make sure that you own the right sizes of undergarments.

Even if you have smart and sexy dresses and suits, it will look awful if you are wearing tight bra and panty. It will only give you extra bulges in all the wrong spots. Always think that even if you are curvy, smoothen all those curves and will look sexy as hell.


Love your body whatever shape it may be. Do not sulk in a corner and wish you have smaller hips or slimmer thighs. Make do with what you are blessed with. Confidence is the key!

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