The types of sunglasses frames are a go-to in any season on any day. Whether you are shielding your eyes from a little sunshine, protecting your makeup or instead hiding and taking a backseat from your surroundings, these are an accessory that will never go out of style – these trends are eternal. Some of the most famous fashion icons are just that iconic because they were snapped wearing a pair of glorious shades. Just think of Marilyn, Elizabeth and Grace Kelly, the old Hollywood glamour darlings know how to work a pair of the finest.

Choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses can be a challenge. Each and every one of us has a different face structure, hairstyle and personality, three things that these accessories need to emphasise and quite simply flaunt. Here I share with you the many types of sunglasses frames you can choose from. Whilst many choose to invest in one high-end pair, and quite rightly so if you find the right ones, I personally find myself buying endless pairs of the high street.

Types Of Sunglasses Frames

Cat Eyes

It was only right that I begin with my favourites because cat eyes are everything. A trend of the past found itself reignited a few years back and ever since we haven’t been able to keep away. An appropriate size frame with a curved top and pointed corners scream sassy. You just need to see a pair in order to agree. To me, these are all about glam and like many, I struggled to find my ‘sunglasses type’ until I came across these.

Fendi 49mm Cat Eye Sunglasses

Fashion week has just finished and once again I found myself lusting after the sunglasses found on the Fendi runway which are all about bold bright colours and vibrance.


The Real Kitty Eyes

So I’ve talked about cat eye frames but we also have something a little more. After the reappearance of such frames, designers and retailers began to get a little bit more experimental with their creations. I define the real kitty eyes are the ones that accentuate the corner frames to make them quite literally like cat ears. I know this sounds a little crazy but this is a trend to have fun with. Anytime I wore a pair of my, ‘real kitty eyes’, this summer I received compliment after compliment – remember it’s all about making a statement and these do just that.

Quay Australia Invader Cat Eye Mirror Sunglasses


Aviators are the most popular type of sunglasses frame without a doubt. They have that laid back cool vibe for when you a cruising on a road trip. These feel effortless and contribute towards bringing the best out of minimalism. You could be wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans, a white tee and a pair of aviators and your ensemble is immediately on point.

Kate Spade NY ‘Dusty’ 56mm Metal Aviator Sunglasses


There is something so classic about Wayfarers and we can’t quite put our finger on it. These are a go-to for anyone seeking a pair of investment sunglasses as the variations that can be found are unprecedented. Whilst I don’t feel as though these suit the shape of my face I envy those that they do. Ray Ban is one brand that exemplifies this frame and creates an iconic, classic look that everyone finds themselves admiring. Trust me, darling, if Wayfarers are something you can pull off please do.

Ray-Ban ‘Classic Wayfarer’ 50mm Sunglasses – Vintage Tortoise


Ever since my teenage years oversized sunglasses were the ‘in thing’. Everyone was wearing them, every designer creating them and every fashion magazine filled with them. Some may argue that these are a thing of the past as we have progressed into trends that are more experimental and less 00’s. I disagree, every girl still dreams of owning a pair of Dior or Chloe oversized frames. They attract attention, provoke curiosity and quite simply look flawless. I consider these a wardrobe staple and I encourage it amongst all of you.

Chloe ‘Emilia’ 57mm Oversized Sunglasses


So, technically, this is more of a trend as opposed to types of sunglasses frames, but there was no way I could exclude mentioning them. Mirror lenses are divine. The likes of fashion Queen, Victoria Beckham, thrive off their existence and look show-stopping in their presence. Plus, we can also experiment with different colour tints that we can’t find in a pair of conventional sunglasses.

Le Specs ‘Naked Eyes’ 56mm Cat Eye Sunglasses


We have all seen Lily-Rose Depp’s latest Chanel campaign in which she wears those gorgeous, circle, pearl frames that we have our eyes set on. Retro sunglasses have never been so chic. They use to be something of artistry and costume rather than an on trend go to accessory but this has changed. Retro shades are hard to pull off but if you have the ability to make them work you can do anything. They make one feel confident, excited and experimental. After gracing the Chanel house, we know it’s only a matter of time before the high street stores are filled with them.

Jeepers Peepers Mirror Round Sunglasses

The real question is, darlings, which are your favourite types of sunglasses frames?


Choosing a pair of sunglasses is no longer a challenge, when the hardest decision you have to make is which ones to buy and which ones you, sadly, have to part with (my wardrobe has extensive pairs and I’m unashamed). From Fendi Kitty eyes to Chanel retros, sunglasses are an accessory you will need all year round. It’s time to start creating your collection!

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Feature image: Nordstrom

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