Top 6 Trends of 2018 Winter Fashion

//Top 6 Trends of 2018 Winter Fashion
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As a woman, you want to dress the part every day of the year.

From your hair to your shoes, you need to know what the hottest looks will be.

What better way to spice up your wardrobe than by tuning into the latest winter fashion trends for the upcoming season?

Keep reading to learn about the ultimate winter fashion looks to make you feel more confident than ever before.

1. Winter Fashion Using Velvet

Soft velvet is huge right now. The fashion runway shows displayed velvet through the eyes of top designers.

Some high-end designers who loved using the velvet fabric this year include Tory Burch and Giorgio Armani.

The velvet trend swept through the shows at New York and Milan. Extravagant velvet dresses in a beautiful mustard hue were seen at the Altuzarra show, too.

How would you pull off velvet as an everyday woman?

You can easily find a plush velvet camisole to throw on with a dark wash pair of your favorite denim jeans. The velvet cami can be in a variety of colors, from dark romantic blush tones to deep green jewel tones.

A night out on the town is not complete without a sexy pair of velvet heels! A lot of designers are choosing velvet as their main fabric of choice this upcoming season.

The winter fashion picks of 2018 use velvet from head to toe. Think about chunky, laced-up velvet heels added to a simple black dress.

The plush velvet heels will make any woman make a chic statement as she walks through the door.

2. Corduroy

Continuing on with more winter fashion trends to keep your eye out for, corduroy is back.

This fabric was once loved in the 70s, and it’s making a trip back to 2018.

Marc Jacobs is one designer who chose to include corduroy in his collection this season.

This ribbed fabric is made to be flattering on women of all shapes and sizes. It’s no longer reserved for the men!

Cord jackets from Marc Jacobs prove that the corduroy fabric is here to stay. Wear your cord jacket with a white t-shirt and jeans for a contemporary feel.

Embrace this 70s trend in a few ways yourself this new year. Start with a bold maroon corduroy hat or with a pair of trousers for a classic touch of some truly retro vibes.

3. High Waists

Another major winter fashion trend that you should consider trying out this year?

Items that have high waists!

Everything from pencil skirts to trousers are being cut with high waists. Designers are embracing this trend at all the runway shows. Clothing with high waists is also extremely flattering for the body.

Denim jeans with high waists have been a big trend over the past year, and it will continue into 2018. Be on the lookout for clothing to include even higher waists, too.

4. Cropped Tops for Winter

You may feel colder looking at some of the high fashion models strolling down the runway in one of the hottest winter fashion favorites this season.

A lot of the models will be donning cropped tops for winter, which is a nice change from the usual overwhelming sweaters of the past.

Cropped tops are returning from their beloved stint in the 90s to relive the 2018 season in style.

Showing some midriff is a risky move if you happen to live somewhere in a climate with temperatures that don’t reach the 60s.

However, if you live in the south where the temperatures stay in the 70s, you will definitely be able to get away with experimenting with the cropped top trend.

5. White Accessories

Another color, or rather lack of color, that will be making a huge hit this year is white.

White accessories are yet another way to mix up your winter fashion.

One item that was huge during the past few months were white booties.

White booties with pointy silver heels from Steve Madden were selling out so fast they could hardly restock them! The white booties are a great staple piece to own, too.

You can recreate multiple looks out of one pair of beautifully crafted white boots. An option would be to wear a pleated mini skirt, simple t-shirt, and jacket with the white boots at the center of the look.

Another possible outfit look would be dark denim and a flowy floral blouse for an elegant, sophisticated touch.

Get ready to feel like one hot lady in some white booties this upcoming season! Tons of celebrities and popular fashion bloggers have been donning these boots for the past few months because they are on top of their fashion trend game.

You can compete with the celebs on a budget, too. Find your own boots from places like DSW or Macy’s for less than $100.

The bold and vibrant stark white will instantly make your outfit look contemporary no matter where you decide to add it.

Want to incorporate the white accessories into your current style?

Consider purchasing a new white tote bag for a simple way to add some style to your wardrobe.

6. The Wild West

Tap into your inner cowgirl with some nods from the wild, wild, west.

Calvin Klein did it perfectly this season on the runway with a look that screams western chic from head to toe.

The spring 2018 ready-to-wear collection featured pieces such as white denim jackets and fringe details.

Of course, you will want to coordinate your look to match your pup. Visit Berties Boutique today to find an adorable western bandana to tie around your dog.

Leather accents were also apparent throughout many designer collections for the upcoming 2018 year. That means you’ll need to break out your favorite leather jacket as it returns to the main stage this season.

Need More Trends for 2018?

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