The Essential Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide

//The Essential Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide
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Each year, U.S. households spend an average of $167 on jewelry, and it’s a safe bet that a lot of that is dedicated to holiday gifts.

Giving holiday jewelry to a loved one is an established tradition across the country because of how easily it shows that person the depth of your affection.

The holidays are a magical time for many couples, from the decorating to the parties to the gifts. It’s best to leave the practical gifts in the store and opt for something that you know your significant other will be truly surprised by.

Below, we’ve put together an essential guide to help you buy that special someone a piece of jewelry that they are guaranteed to love.

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1. Go Big On Holiday Jewelry Without Going Broke

Holiday jewelry is meant to be a special gift, but that doesn’t mean it has to be an expensive gift.

Before you start shopping, come up with a realistic budget for yourself. Consider any of the other holiday gifts you still have to purchase, as well as how much you can allot for this specific one.

Once you have an idea of how much you want to spend, you’ll be able to focus your shopping on jewelry that fits within your budget. Even if you don’t have a lot to spend, you’ll be able to find something beautiful that your loved one will be proud to wear.

2. Think Outside the Box

Believe it or not, the best jewelry isn’t always found at a jewelry store. Many of the top designers host special shopping events and roadshows. This allows you to browse their selection without the pressure that you might feel at a high-end store.

For example, Roma Designer Jewelry Italian style pieces can be found at Costco stores, which makes the shopping experience simple. You can take care of your gift-giving while picking up other holiday essentials.

3. Play Up the Surprise Factor

One of the most fun things about giving the gift of holiday jewelry is the look on the recipient’s face when they open the box.

To make the moment of surprise even more rewarding, try wrapping the jewelry box inside a bigger box. Your loved one won’t expect that they’re getting jewelry at all, which will make it that much more exciting when they realize what their gift actually is.

When you’ve taken the time to find the perfect piece of jewelry for your wife, mother, sister, etc., you want to make sure you get the special holiday moment you envisioned.

Ready to Start Shopping for Holiday Jewelry?

Some couples feel a lot of pressure to make the holidays memorable, but it shouldn’t be an intimidating experience. Finding a gift that will make the moment special can–and should–be easy.

Giving your loved one jewelry should be a great experience for you both. You should enjoy shopping for it, and they, of course, will love receiving it.

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