Tips and Tricks For Finding Your Favorite Interior Design Styles

//Tips and Tricks For Finding Your Favorite Interior Design Styles
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What inspires you? Do you get excited when you walk into a room filled with collectibles and antiques? Maybe you enjoy the calm feeling of a crisp, open space with neutral colors.

Do colors invigorate you and make you want to get up dance? Perhaps the sight of a glowing fireplace and the scent of wood pulls you to snuggle under a comfy blanket with a good book.

With so many different interior design styles available choosing which direction to go is not easy. The fabulous news: There’s no wrong way when it comes to decorating your home. The right way is your way.

To help you down the path that fits your individual tastes, here are some tips. Hopefully, these will help you find your favorite.

Pay Attention

It’s a no-brainer, right? But for some of us, we get distracted and forget to really look. When you walk into a room pay close attention to the first thing that caught your eye.

Was it:

  • The color scheme
  • A certain piece of furniture
  • Something hanging on the wall
  • A particular pattern
  • Did your eyes automatically drift to the floor or rugs

Discovering what grabs your interest is the first step toward defining your unique style.

Let Mother nature Lead the Way

The key to finding your style might be right outside your window. Many old and new interior design styles find their inspiration from nature.

The colors, the textures, the patterns, even the smells provide a forest of ideas. Talk a walk outside and soak up the beauty of nature. On the way, you might have a revelation.

A Room with a View

Speaking of windows and inspiration, when it comes to defining your style perhaps the writing is on the wall. (Or an open space in the wall!)

Almost every room in your home has windows, right? Consider making windows the focal point of your decorating.

Try different window coverings or shades. Play with the natural lighting. Rearrange the furniture to accentuate the view, rather than block it.

Not happy with the look of your windows? Are they getting a little rough around the edges or out-of-date?

Now would be the perfect time to look into replacement windows. Not only will this add to your interior design, it will help increase the resale value of your home.

Take a Trip to Ikea

We are not suggesting you go there to purchase anything. Simply look for inspiration. The pre-designed rooms offer some fantastic insight into what really does it for you. Again, the idea here is to pay attention.

What really jumps out at you? What is it about a particular set-up that makes you want to walk in and explore?

So, get your Ikea on, then get out. We recommend leaving the credit card at home for this excursion.

The Perfect Interior Design Styles for You

After you’ve taken the time to find out what inspires you, what’s next? We’ve found that looking at examples and choosing ones that pique your interest is a great next step.

Check out these different quizzes we found. Take one, take them all. Get closer to deciding what style is for you.

HGTV Quiz – Take our quiz to learn which style suits you best

Go Haus Quiz on Mashable – Go Haus created the project to help consumers navigate through the complicated world of interior design styles

Brit + Co – 7 quizzes to reveal your decorating style

Decorating is Self-Expression

When choosing which decorating direction to take, don’t give in to fleeting fashions and trendy styles. In the end, don’t forget the style that best fits your home is the style that reflects your unique taste.

Now go be a happy designer.

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