Handbag or Suitcase? Designer Bags Size Keeps Growing

//Handbag or Suitcase? Designer Bags Size Keeps Growing
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Designer bags can say a lot about a woman.

Small, petite bags express a minimal take on life. This woman needs only the essentials and has no room for baggage to distract her – literally. She tucks away things like her phone, keys, and maybe her go-to lipstick, in a little cross-body and is good to go.

Then there is the other woman.

The one with the oversized bag strapped on her shoulder.

She is prepared for anything the day brings her. She always keeps a snack ready for her on-the-go lifestyle, along with a small perfume or maybe a phone charger. She has a book for the subway and has no shame walking the streets with her massive keep of must-haves.

If there is anything to gather from recent releases, is designers understand this woman. They do not question the need to have everything in one bag. They simply make the bag that looks the best to carry it all.

Here Are Three Common Reasons Designer Bags Are Going Big

1. One Bag, Multiple Uses

An expensive bag is an investment. It is more than a place to put belongings.

Designer bags are both a statement piece and an accessory that goes with most outfits.

They can go from the gym to the office and head straight to dinner with the girls. In fact, a big bag makes all of this possible with an outfit change or two tucked inside.

Another great use is traveling. The bigger the bag, the more you can pack. This makes it perfect to take your favorite tote to the beach party this weekend or as a personal item for the next plane ride you go on.

For the women still in school or with little ones, big bags make other necessities like books and chargers or toys and bibs easy to have in one place.

2. Bigger Is Better

It’s true. When it comes to designer bags, bigger really is better.

Think about it, most high-end designers run for a couple hundred dollars. If the bag is going to cost a lot, it has to be able to do a lot.

Take Louis Vuitton bags for example. A small Speedy does not have the versatility of a Keepall. For just a few hundred dollars more, an entire world of other uses is available by going a couple sizes higher.

Big bags make the right statement. They are the perfect add-on to make an outfit pop, and they can work for day or night.

3. There Really Is No Such Thing as Too Big


Celine, Balenciaga, and Loewe pushed the boundaries this spring, but the style was well-received.

Women need the bag that can adjust the way they do. The world is on-the-go and fashion needs to meet them there.

The bigger the bag the more a woman has the ability to take on multiple things throughout her day, and do so in style.

No need to walk out the door with an office bag, lunch bag, and maybe a gym bag, too.

For the women that like to do it all, big designer bags let them have it all in one place. Tell us your go-to designer for your favorite bags below!

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