The Top 5 Marriage Ring Trends of 2019

//The Top 5 Marriage Ring Trends of 2019
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It’s time to get married but what kind of marriage ring should you pick? Picking the right wedding ring is important since you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life.

You want your wedding ring to say something about you and your partner’s love. But you also want to be up on the latest engagement ring trends so you can find the best engagement and wedding rings for your union.

Continue reading this article as we go through the top trends for marriage rings in 2019.

1. Stack It Up

One ring is nice but why only have one? Try stacking your wedding rings if you want to go with the trends of 2019.

You may see a stack of two or even three rings on top of each other. If you can’t decide on a specific style, this is a great way to get everything that you want all on one finger.

You can decide to mix metals when you stack your rings which make for an even more unique look.

2. Colorful Stones

If you think the color that you can play with is whether you go with gold or silver — you thought wrong. Many people are opting to use colored stones in their marriage rings.

You don’t have to go with only colored diamonds. You might also want to put colored gemstones in your ring as well. Think ruby, emerald, and sapphire when you’re considering some unique color for your ring design.

3. Embellishments Are In

If you don’t want to do plain or classic, try embellishments for your rings. Doing embellishments after the fact can be a little tricky and even more costly. Try finding an embellished ring that is already ready to go when you’re picking out your rings.

You can find rings with emerald and round diamonds and other cuts. See which one is going to fit your style best.

4. Whispering Words

If you have some words that are important to you, you might choose to engrave them on the inside or outside of your ring. You might also want to get a ring that says love or your partner’s name.

5. Rose Gold Is Coming

Rose gold allows you to get a softer look instead of just going for regular gold. Most people have their engagement band and wedding band the same color but you might see some deviation.

Rose gold doesn’t clash with gold or silver and you can’t wear them as you see fit.

You’re a Marriage Ring Trends Professional Now

Now you know some of the top marriage ring trends and can confidently pick out the right ring for you and your partner. Why stop learning there? We have many other articles that can help you as you’re planning your wedding and many other parts of life.

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