Sunday Photo: Women’s Day

//Sunday Photo: Women’s Day

Yesterday was the celebration of women worldwide, was the day where every woman and girl got at least a flower, where all men were more attentive to women’s needs, where all women smiled more. (Or at least i want to believe that this happened)

But, why does this happen only once a year? Why do we, as women, let it happen only once a year? Why do we think, for being a woman, we only deserve flowers, lots of attention and gifts only once a year?

Let’s talk a bit about ourselves. Who we are as women? What is our worth and importance to this world? I want to give you only 3 examples and please listen to the video at the end to get some more.

1. Control and Improve Life

Firstly, every new life starts in the women’s womb. Although, the father has a very important role in the creation process, it has been proven that those 9 first months are highly influenced by what the mother eats, drinks, thinks and does. Imagine now, how gifted and burdened we, as women, are at the same time. We control how a new life will exist, and this is the first reason why a woman is so important to humanity.

2. Equal capacity and power to choose

I do believe in equality. I am a strong feminist and i believe that there is nothing a man can do and a woman can’t. But why should women do everything that a man does? This never ending competition between the two sexes does not help anyone. If every woman knows her self-worth, and has self-confidence, she wouldn’t have to struggle through life and prove her what she can do. We should negotiate with men and only do the things we are best at it, each individually. Just because i chose to be an independent CEO that does not make me less than a woman or a bad wife/mother. The same thing applies for all those women who want to be a mother, they should not feel pressured to have a career if they do not want to.

We CAN do everything we set our minds to, but we should do only the things that are important to us and that fulfill us as human beings. 

3. Women- best teachers

In life, women can be the best teachers and play the most important role in other people’s lives. Think about it, children were always educated by women, although today this does not happen as often as back then, still most of the teachers in schools are women. Why? Because, i think God/universe made this unique feminine creature to nurture and help develop new humans. Also, if you look behind every strong man, there is usually a woman – might be his wife, girlfriend, best friend, mother, grandmother, aunt. I have never seen an important man without a feminine imagine that he always turns to when things go south, or when things get awesome.

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If there is something that i have learned, is that what you think you deserve is what you get. So, if you think you only deserve this day to be celebrated for being a woman, you will only get this day. If, however, you think your worth as a woman deserves an ongoing celebration, somehow you will attract people and opportunities that will validate this belief.

Enjoy this amazing video, i hope will influence you to see your self worth and inspire you to be more aware of how important you are!

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