3 Must Have Statement Earrings Styles For This Spring/Summer

//3 Must Have Statement Earrings Styles For This Spring/Summer

When we are thinking about spring, we are thinking about sunny weather, colorful clothes and the flourishing of nature. Spring is about re-inventing yourself, your closet and your fashion style. It’s about glowing and positive thinking. Shopping for new stuff can be pretty challenging – shops are full and we don’t really know what to look for.

I am going to give you a tip: this season is all about attention to details! The little things that make your life more beautiful.

It can be that belt you find that completes your outfit perfectly. A hand made bag or clutch that takes everybody’s eyes. It’s all about the accessories! All about the right sunglasses, the right shoes and the perfect earrings or necklaces.

We are going to discover today the latest hits when it comes to earrings. We know how much they matter every time we look in the mirror. They help us find our femininity everyday and make our hair stand-out, our eyes stand-out and they add that special “something” that we are all searching for on our everyday look.

#1 The askew crew

Do you remember the single-earring trend? I’m not saying that you should give that up, but you might take into consideration the new must-have earrings. The unbalanced look stands out through irregularity. It can be a different color, a different shape or some different prints that will distinguish the two earrings. There are no rules! As long as it’s irregular it will fit right in the new trend. When we stay to think about it, who wants perfection anyways? Take a risk and use the next pictures to inspire you.

The askew crew earrings

Found on Harper’s Bazar. Pictured: Oscar de la Renta; IMAX TREE

Irregularity is the new perfect! You can choose this Oscar de la Renta model, that emphasizes the difference between the two earrings by using beautiful spring colors. The touch of glam realized by using different sparkling rocks makes this pair of lovers perfect for a night out.

 The Askew crew earring by Nina Ricci

Found on Harper’s Bazar. Pictured: Nina Ricci; IMAX TREE

Nina Ricci has a different approach to the same style. if you are more feminine and prefer something more discrete you should totally go for this kind of model. Using gold and silver together is so modern and the flower model is a reminder of spring

Irregular earrings

Found on Harper’s Bazar. Picuted: Louis Vuitton; IMAX TREE

Louis Vuitton is not out of ideas either. A more powerful look, that represents a strong women, who is not afraid of being judged. If you want to stand-out this is a good choice! Different size and different colors make these the perfect fit for the irregular trend.


#2 Top brass

Brass is the new silver. Do you remember the yellow alloy between copper or zinc? If you don’t, you will, because you will be seeing a lot of it around. This richly hued brass is done up bold and brash on a variety of pieces. You can pick it for every accessory, but we are going to show you just how great it looks for earrings.

Tory Burch Spring 2015 Earrings

Found on Naples Illustrated; Picture owner: Tory Burch

Go big, go bold: Shoulder-dusting earrings make the biggest impact for spring. If you want to get all the attention on your accessories this will be the way. The size, the color and the overall look of these earrings will get you out of your comfort zone and ready to re-invent yourself.

Loewe Brass Earrings Spring 2015

Found on Harper’s Bazar. Pictured: Loewe; IMAX TREE

Directly from the Loewe Spring 2015 collection, these brass earrings are probably the most special accessory you can add to your look. It takes a lot of courage to take these brass earrings out of the runaway and into the street, but if you do that be sure it’s going to be worth the trouble.

LV Earrings Spring 2015

Found on Iwanttobeher.com; Pictured: Louis Vuitton

Since the moment I saw these earrings I fell in love. Louis Vuitton also did the one year thing while taking into consideration the brass trend. I’m sure that this key can unlock any heart.

#3 Urban jungle

Spring is also about power. About the power of moving on. About the power of a new beginning.

This is exactly the feeling that these earrings are bringing. With a touch of tribal and the jungle feel, they will bring animals to live and make you feel like the nothing can stop you.


Found on Fashionbomb.com; Original Source: Sunday Times

Bamboo-style oversized gold hoops echoed Olivier Rousteing’s urban jungle for Balmain Fall/Winter 2014-2015, alongside stacked gold bangles and chokers.

Vivienne Westwood Neon Tassel Runway Earrings

Found on Delivermediamonds.com

These Vivienne Westwood neon tassel runway earrings are so raw and adventurous that anyone can be inspired. We should try this spring to reach out to our true selves, The one that rests in nature, not only in our ears.


Found on Stylebistro.com; Pictured: Dolce&Gabanna

Dolce and Gabanna brings the tribal trend starting with 2013. But they did not stop there: the african inspiration, the anti-racial messages and the colors of the wild continue to strive in their shows. Are you ready to join the show?


Don’t forget to take a good pick when choosing the right earrings. They have to represent your personaly and to make you show more of who you are. Don’t over do it, but most importantly, don’t be afraid of showing off the real you: no matter how shy, how crazy, how rebel, how tribal or how feminine you are.

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” – Harry Winston

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