Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear: Ralph Lauren Women’s Collection

//Spring/Summer 2015 Ready-To-Wear: Ralph Lauren Women’s Collection

Ralph Lauren’s spring collection was a burst of bright colors combined with khaki shades and safari looks, a real utility looking wardrobe, just perfect for spring.

The fitted drill cargo pants with pockets, together with a purple one-shoulder silky top, a yellow top and a sheer orange jacket, any combination as a matter of fact, makes me think of a more stylish Lara Croft who is ready for some action. The pockets, epaulets and belts have touched most of the looks.

That intense yellow trench coat or the pink loose trousers and even that purple poket vest make these outfits look even more utilitarian. Haute utilitarian, that is! 

Ralph Lauren gave safari a new touch, therefore, safari is elegant, safari is stylish and safari is dangerous and adventurous. Ladies, check out these impeccable looks and see for yourselves! Safari goes, ALWAYS, hand in hand with a hat. Belts are also a must here.

Where there is white, there is elegance. I always thought white to be the supreme touch of elegance. And Ralph proves my point. Just take a look at that white pencil skirt mixed with that peplum jacket and sharply defined waist. Or the long, lean skirt with the safari shirt. 

Needless to say that these all white outfits are gorgeous. I especially love the long dress in the middle. It’s flawless. They, all, look flawless.

Bright orange is perfect for a spring/summer outfit, and if it’s from top tp bottom, then it will really have an impact.Orange cargo trousers match a sleeveless silk scarf top, while a dress like that, with breast pokets, is at the limit of sport and elegant. It’s so Ralph Lauren.

For long walks in the night, a black jumpsuit or a sleeve dress will be the right choices.

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As I said before, utilitarian can go couture. Ralph Lauren made that possible, and this is the result: beautiful, long, olive-khaki dresses, some of them, embellished with massive gems as necklaces, others, simple, embellished with just a pair of long earrings.

 When drill cargo shirts meet lots and lots of embellishments and layered, couture skirts or even pants, the end of this look is, well, speechless.

The final part of the collection was made out of colorful, couture dresses, accessorized with long crystal earrings and statement necklaces. Yellow, pink and orange were the stars of the collection and there is no question why, because they simply represent the best of it.


 Ralph Lauren SS 2015 RTW Full Show


So, did you enjoy the collection? Which one was your favourite outfit?

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