Why not to keep your amazing clothes for special occasions!

//Why not to keep your amazing clothes for special occasions!

Women enjoy the act of buying, especially clothes. If a woman is not into clothes she might have other addictions, like gastronomy, home furniture, decorations, jewelry or many other things.

When we shop, we look for those unique and special items that make us stand out of the crowd and click with us. When we find those items, we buy them with an amazing excitement, feel proud all day long wearing the bag like a treasure and then we arrive home, hide it in the closet and keep it for a special occasion. Sounds familiar?

One of my biggest accomplishments in the last 2 years regarding clothes is that I realized I was doing a big mistake. Well, my mother actually opened my eyes, because I was keeping all my wonderful, amazing pieces for special occasions. I used to have as a mindset ideas like: ‘oooo, my wonderful boots, I’m not going to wear them today, I will keep them for a special occasion’, ‘my amazing blouse I’m keeping it for my birthday (in 3 months)’; another one: ‘well, I don’t need this old used t-shirt, so I’m going to sleep in it‘, and so on.. If you did found yourself in my thoughts too, keep reading, you are on the road of pizzazz!

keep your amazing clothes for special occasions!

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You shouldn’t keep all the amazing clothes for special occasions! Every day is an occasion!


Before to change my way of wearing clothes I used to go to sleep in some regular and actually pretty ugly clothes. I was thinking it wasn’t important, indeed I was not even taking in consideration why I should count that. I was wrong, because clothes give you a certain emotion. Imagine yourself waking up on a rainy, cloudy day but with a silky, long soft dress on you. How would you feel? Passing through the mirror and seeing yourself so elegant and ladylike at the first glance in the morning. It’s about that, about the emotion and the spirit when you love yourself even in the morning.

Don't keep your amazing clothes for special occasions!

Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind. Found on: breakfastatyurmans.tumblr.com

How you should dress for breakfast? With an amazing black gown, pearls, coffee and croissant in the mirror of Tiffany!

breakfast-at-tiffanys. Don't keep your amazing clothes for special occasions!

Breakfast at Tiffany’s scene. Source: madisonmovie.org

The best clothes and items are on hold 362 days in a year, and glam on approximately 3 special occasions in a year. If they are so amazing, they deserve to be worn and glam your wonderful personality everyday. What makes it more sad it’s that after 2 years you will realize that actually they are not so amazing as they were when you felt in love with them. What you did was just to extinguish the pizzazz of the dress by hiding it in the closet!

How to start change that?

1. Don’t buy too many clothes at once, because you will get tired of them even if you don’t wear them. When you find a new never worn pair of jeans in the closet that you bought 1 year ago, you will have the excitement of finding them but not the excitement of having something new. It’s a small but big difference.

Don't keep your amazing clothes for special occasions!

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2. Sometimes you just want to be relaxed and have a boyish dressed like day. Put your best sweatpants and your favorite top. Underwear it with one of your best lingerie that you usually keep for romantic nights which men usually don’t appreciate, and that sometimes might get ripped. Be happy with marvelous lingerie 20 hours a day not 7 minutes!


3. Don’t cook dressed ugly because you are scared not to get dirty on clothes. Just glam up your outfit with an Haute apron. So simple! Make a ritual from cooking and dressing. If you are not a masterchef at cooking you will still be a good dressed masterchef! Be a surprise for whoever will enter your kitchen!

Don't keep your amazing clothes for special occasions!

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It happend to me a lot of times, and my friends were asking me Why are you dressed so elegant? Well, I’m happy I’m beautiful, healthy and I’m enjoying the day. Should I be underdressed because it’s Thursday?

4. Drink tea or coffee in style. Don’t drink it just for the energy. Make it for the moment and make it a full. Be the person that you see in magazines and stop saying I will dressed like that when …

Don't keep your amazing clothes for special occasions!

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5. Some days you might stay all day long in the house without meeting somebody. Choose to dress amazing and feel perfect all day even if you are no going outside the house. Enjoy yourself being a princess in your own house. You are what you look like. It grows your confidence in you. You will see the world with the eyes you always wanted. What you waiting for?

It will become your way of being. Like we have learned from Nick Wooster’s Interview – Repetition is reputation.

Wear the best all the time and you will be the best all the time!

Are you ready to wear your amazing outfits all the time?

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