Should You Hire a DJ or Live Band to Play Your Wedding?

//Should You Hire a DJ or Live Band to Play Your Wedding?
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Other than marrying the love of your life, throwing a party your guests will rave about forever is a major reason weddings are so great. 

You’ve got the venue, menu, and guest-list sorted. Now for the music. Do you go with a DJ or a live band? Before you fret, we’ll help you decide. Read on to find out.

DJ vs Live Band: Things to Consider

Before you rent out a deejay machine or Google “wedding music bands”, there are factors to think about on your search. For example:

The Atmosphere

Music sets the tone for your wedding and it’s the aspect people remember most. Settle on a music genre that best represents your personalities. Is it ‘90s Hip Hop or an energetic country band?

Also, decide whether you’re having a small dinner party or a big blowout? Will people be busting moves or more likely chat and catch up?

Considering these will help you decide whether you want a DJ encouraging everyone to dance or a string quartet to create the perfect ambiance for an intimate reception. 


If you want to switch up the tunes during the night, you must find a live DJ or a band who is adaptable. Be sure they play a mixture of slow, fast, old and new tunes to inspire guests to hit the dance floor. 


You may wonder “what is a band asking for an hour?”

It’s important to note that bands cost more as you’re paying for the musicians (a 12-piece band will be more costly, for example) and equipment as opposed to one DJ and their set-up. 

Also, prices will vary depending on if it’s a weekday or weekend. If your heart is set on a band but can’t afford one during your day, hire one to perform at your ceremony and have a DJ play at the reception.    


Many couples don’t have time to compile a playlist but if you have a specific musical taste, ask the band or DJ whether they have the right collection of songs for you.  You must pick around five hours of music but know how your bride entrance and first-dance song will flow with the others. 

How Good They Are at Performing

To gauge how the top bands and DJs are, you must see them live. It’s the only way to see the personality of the bandleader or DJ as they will have a huge impact on your wedding’s atmosphere.

You want someone who’s affable, confident, and who has a similar personality to you. Once you decide upon a band, ensure the same members at the rehearsal or at the audition tape will be those performing at your wedding. 

So, Will You Hire a Live Band or a DJ?

Before picking between a live band or DJ, it’s important to get to know them musically. Are they an expert in your favorite genre? And are their performances electric (if that’s what you want)?

It’s wise to see them live and decide on a loose playlist so there aren’t any surprises on your big day. Happy hunting!

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