Ring In the New Year with These Outrageous New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

//Ring In the New Year with These Outrageous New Year’s Eve Party Ideas
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The new year is quickly approaching and do you know what you’ll be doing at midnight? There are tons of different outrageous and fun events that you can either attend or host when it comes to ringing in the new year. 

Whether you’re looking for some last-minute plans or have a bit of time to plan a fun night for you and your friends, we have the perfect ideas for you. 

Keep reading for our guide on the best New Year’s Eve party ideas so you can ring in the new year with a bang.  

Roaring Twenty’s Party

Since the New Year will bring in a new decade you should host your own party with a 1920s theme.

This could be a fun event for you and your friends to dress up in flapper costumes and dance to some old music. Make sure to send out invitations with your theme so all your friends can plan their outfits. 

There are plenty of 1920s elements that you can throw in to host an authentic roaring twenty’s party. Make sure to have some delicious food such as salads, shrimps, ham, and jellied stuff. Plus don’t forget the tower and champagne!

Do Some Bar Hopping

If you’re looking for a last-minute idea this New Year’s Eve, then your best bet to have a fun and eventful night is to go bar hopping with some of your friends. A lot of bars will be throwing huge New Year’s Eve events because most people don’t have to work on New Year’s Day.  

You and your friends can pick one bar to hang out all night or travel around to several different bars. There will be tons of loud music and awesome drinks to choose from on New Year’s Eve at pretty much any bar you walk into. 

Ring in the New Year on a Boat

Have you ever thought about celebrating your New Year’s Eve with tons of your best friends and family members on the water?

You can do it with this boat hire! They have different types of boats as well as a New Year’s Eve bash so you and your friends can end the year just right. 

Watching fireworks on the water is a beautiful sight and a perfect way to start the new year. Make sure to get your tickets quickly because these awesome events do sell out quickly. If you don’t want to rent an entire boat, then you can still get individual tickets for you and your significant other to drink and dance the night away. 

Have Your Own Ball Drop

The ball drop is one of the biggest parts of New Year’s Eve.

Did you know that you can make your own DIY ball drop so you and your friends can cheer and bring in the new year right in your own home? Make sure to get a lot of glitter and confetti so your ball drop feels authentic. 

You should also have lots of delicious finger foods and drinks for your guests. Throwing your own New Year’s Eve party can be fun and eventful. Make sure to have lots of champagne ready to go so everyone can do a toast to the new year. 

Attend a Concert

You would be surprised to know that there are tons of different concert events that you can attend to ring in the new year. Imagine being in a room filled with people when it strikes midnight. You and your friends can all cheer and blow noisemakers together.

Concerts are fun because they’re loud and give your body tons of adrenalin.

You can dance all night and drink whatever you want. Just make sure that you’ve arranged a safe way to make it home after midnight. 

Have a Game Night

If you and your friends are looking to have a more relaxed evening this New Year’s Eve, then you should consider hosting a game night at home. This is a fun event for people who want to drink or even if you and your friends aren’t big drinkers. 

There are tons of great tips and tricks that you can use when you’re planning your New Year’s Eve game night. Make sure you have tons of comfortable seating so everyone has a good place to sit and play games.

You should also get plenty of chips and dip because those are the best things to eat while playing games! Don’t forget to have plenty of different games to choose from as well. 

Plan a Fancy Dinner

Another great way to bring in the New Year if you aren’t looking to go to a big bash is to plan a fancy dinner with a few friends or family members.

You can either host a dinner at your own house or make a reservation at your favorite restaurant. 

Whether you’re going out or staying in make sure that you and your friends eat some of the lucky foods that will help you start the year off right. You can eat things like pork, fish, or even grapes to make sure that you get some luck in the new year. 

Make a Backdrop for Photos

Regardless if you and your friends are staying in or going out you will probably all be dressed up in cute New Year’s Eve outfits so you better snap some photos! You can make a New Year’s backdrop for all of your friends to stand in front of and take serious or goofy pictures together. 

Your friends will love taking photos so they can remember how they celebrated bringing in the New Year. You should also make sure to have a few props so your photos can be unique and silly. 

New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

There are plenty of awesome and outrageous New Year’s Eve party ideas for you, and your friends or family. Whether you’re looking for something last minute or looking to plan an awesome event you can find the perfect idea.  

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