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When preparing your beach vacation packing list, there are a couple essentials you simply cannot leave behind.

A beach chair and an ancient novel would probably do the trick but, if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right.

In order to maximize your days full of waves, it’s best to outline every last item so you’re guaranteed to have the perfect little getaway.

The sound of those waves never really gets old, does it?

Well, friends, let’s get packing!

Basic Attire for Your Beach Vacation Packing List

Bikini – for those full sun days

One piece – when you feel like covering up

Two Cover-Ups – in case one takes a little extra time to dry out

Yoga Pants – something with a little stretch will slip on over that one piece nicely

Comfy tee – a tee with a little slouch provides all the required beach comfort

Flip flops – so you can always feel that sand between your toes

A Bag Full of Tricks

Don’t just pack a beach bag. Pack the Mary Poppins of all beach bags.

This includes a hairbrush, sunscreen, lip balm, a couple of magazines, and a spare towel or two.

And, while we’re here, let’s talk about that whole SPF debate.

Your best bet is to select an SPF somewhere in the 30-45 range.

According to WebMD, you don’t have to hunt down any of that SPF 100.

Finally, if you or anyone in your party is looking for a little snorkeling beach fun, make sure you pick up a sturdy pair of goggles to take in that underwater scenery.

Beach Library

When you’re rolling with the waves, there are two classic requirements: an old-fashioned book and a freshly printed magazine.

E-readers and smartphones will do the trick, too. But there’s just something about the feel of a beach breeze blowing through your favorite romance novel.


Whether you’ve got music on your mind or that final chapter in your latest novel, a charger is necessary to keep your iPhones, smartphones, and Bluetooth radios on point.

Nowadays, there’s a charger for every phone and they’ll juice up your loyal sidekick in no time at all.

Be sure to add one of these to your beach vacation packing list before you head for the shores.

Beach Tent

Whenever we’re on the beach, we’re always a little bit envious of those families who come prepared with a tent.

It protects them from the sun’s rays and allows them to peacefully enjoy the sound of the ocean without worrying their skin will burn like a sheet of paper.

You can find what you need online. But, if you don’t feel like hauling all that with you, make sure you stop in a beach shop for a sturdy little pop-up tent.

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