5 Fab Shoe Trends Every Fashionista Needs To Know

//5 Fab Shoe Trends Every Fashionista Needs To Know
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Are you looking for the best shoe trends to spruce up your wardrobe?

Good quality shoes that are also fashionable, sexy and comfortable are hard to find. They can make or break an outfit and take any combo to the next level.

You don’t have to wear designer shoes to be trendy, but you do need to choose them wisely. From the runways, we have unusual shoe styles like sock and varsity boots, kitten heels, and furry mules. Street fashion is a whole other story where you can wear an elegant outfit with fashionable sneakers.

Keep reading to discover new, trendy shoes that’ll complement your outfits and make you an expert fashionista.

1. Block Heels

From sandals to booties, block heels are one of the most-worn shoe styles right now.

The reason behind their growing popularity lies in their comfort and practicality. These shoes go with almost any outfit and are easy to style for day and evening attire.

You can wear them for work, a coffee date, dinner with friends or a night out. When you want to look amazing, but still be comfortable, block heels are your go-to shoes.

2. Over-the-Knee Boots

OTK boots are sexy, versatile and stay trendy year after year. Going for neutral colors like brown, beige or black is a sure bet, but if you’re brave, your thigh-high boots can come in bright red, hot pink, or fluorescent green.

You can wear them with skirts, shorts, dresses or jeans for an elevated everyday style.

3. Slides and Slippers

Slippers slipped their way into the biggest shoe trends of the year and they’re not going away anytime soon.

First, it was fashionistas that donned slides and slippers. Then, celebrities adored them for their comfort and effortless look. Now, they’re a staple shoe trend for everyone.

You can find them embroidered, lined with fur or embellished with details like rhinestones, pearls, floral and metal elements.

4. Fashionable Sneakers

Sneakers are not just for running and sports anymore. A lot of fashionistas wear them as a part of their street style wardrobe.

Athleisure has opened the doors to a new sneaker trend, with bold colors, embellishments, and a variety of patterns.

Aside from athletic gear companies, sneakers nowadays carry designer names on them. If you’re looking for the best sneakers on a budget, you can use a Journeys coupon to get your favorite style.

5. Mules

Mules are making a comeback as one of the most popular shoe trends at the moment.

These shoes are appropriate to wear in all seasons (but winter). They’re easy to slip on, easy to walk in and easy to style. Their simplicity makes them a must-have item for all fashionistas, especially if you want to add some edginess to an otherwise plain outfit.

Now You Know the 5 Fashionista-Favorite Shoe Trends!

Any fashionista knows that no outfit is complete without the right pair of shoes. Whether you’re into elegant, minimalistic shoes or prefer unique designs that make your style pop, there’s a shoe trend for everyone.

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