New Year, New Wardrobe: 10 Menswear Trends for the Men in Your Life in 2019

//New Year, New Wardrobe: 10 Menswear Trends for the Men in Your Life in 2019
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Does your man have his eyes set on getting a promotion at work this year?

Is your brother trying to get back onto the dating scene?

Are you about to send your son off to college?

There’s one thing all of these situations have in common: each man, in their own way, can benefit from stepping up their style! Clothes have a bigger impact on our daily lives than we might think. They contribute to how confident we feel and how we act whether we’re in a professional setting, on a date, or going to class.

If your significant other wants to get that promotion or find a new job, he can start by dressing better-and the same goes for your brother who’s looking for a new love interest or your son who wants to reinvent himself in the new year.

Here are 10 of the top menswear trends you should encourage them to try this year as they progress on their journeys.

1. Tailored Suits

Every man needs a well-tailored suit. But, tailored pieces aren’t just for cocktail parties and awards ceremonies anymore. This year, tailored trousers and jackets are getting mixed into casual streetwear and laid-back business outfits.

Instead of wearing a fully-tailored outfit, a lot of men are going to be picking one sharp looking piece to combine with more relaxed items. This results in a look that is impressive and interesting, but without trying too hard or making a man feel overdressed.

2. Double-Breasted Jackets

A lot of fashion trends are all about breaking the rules, and this one is no different. Double-breasted jackets are basically the exact opposite of tightly tailored ones. These are much bigger; they look wider on a man’s body, and they can seem a bit baggy at times.

But this year, that’s totally in!

It’s not like the special man in your life needs to wear a double-breasted jacket every day. However, it would be smart for him to explore how this item looks with straight-leg jeans or well-tailored trousers.

It might seem like this trend would clash with others or create a sloppy look. But when a man actually puts this on with his outfit, he’ll look better than you can even imagine.

3. Cropped Trousers

This is something a man can wear with other tailored pieces, like to dress up double-breasted jackets, and with all kinds of items. Cropped trousers are perfect for the office, the bar, on date night, and even when going to the airport.

These are typically made of soft, breathable fabric that is more comfortable-and better looking-than denim. When swapped with a pair of jeans or even mixed into a suit, cropped trousers completely transform a man’s look.

They make him seem way more fashionable than he might actually be. Plus, they’re definitely a head-turner.

4. Short Shorts

It’s one thing to turn heads with a sharp, confident look and another to turn heads by being a little bolder than most. That’s what the menswear trend of short shorts is all about.

Men everywhere-of all ages and professions-are swapping out their standard shorts for ones that sit well above the knee. They’re showing off their thighs and casually strutting their stuff. They’re wearing these shorts to the gym, the beach, and when running errands or going to brunch.

Some are even tailoring their shorts or pairing them with double-breasted jackets! This is an incredibly creative way to mix a few different menswear trends together. If the man in your life tries this, make sure he’s hitting the mark with his eclectic styling efforts.

5. Dad Socks

If you think short shorts are intense, just wait until you see a bunch of men walking around in dad socks! Remember the thick white crew socks your dad used to wear in the ’90s? Well, almost 30 years later, these are making a strong comeback.

Dad socks are going to be worn with everyday sneakers and with shoes that also have a 90’s-inspired look to them. You’ll see them at the gym and on the streets and maybe even in your office, depending on where you work.

Girls are getting into this style trend too, by the way! Many ladies are choosing to pair sneakers with high socks for casual looks and gym-ready outfits as well.

6. Open-Toed Footwear

Up next on the list of menswear trends taking center stage in 2019: open-toed shoes. These aren’t just sandals and slides, either. A lot of men are going to be wearing hiking-like sandals rather than standard flip-flops.

They’ll be wearing them with their short shorts and maybe even with their dad socks, too. There’s no limit to all the outfit combinations available with this trend, although it is one of the more surprising ones on this list.

7. Light Wash Denim

This might be something your man already has a little bit of, but it’s time to get a lot more light wash denim this year. Light denim is yet another 90’s trend making a big comeback, and not just for jeans.

It’s going to be a common fabric on t-shirts, and of course, you’ll see plenty of jean jackets around town, too. You’ll even see a lot of denim-on-denim looks in slightly mismatched shades of denim.

8. Suede and Corduroy

If your man isn’t into the whole denim thing, he might be able to get on board with wearing more suede and corduroy. These have gone way back into the past to spark the looks of today.

Such fabrics were widely popular in the 70s. They were used for everything from t-shirts and light jackets to bottoms and outerwear, and you’ll see all kinds of similar creations rolling out this spring, summer, and fall.

The fabrics are great to wear to work, but they can also be dressed down a bit. They pair well with the cropped trousers mentioned above and with tailored pieces or double-breasted jackets.

9. Mismatched Prints

Keep in mind everything listed so far isn’t confined to one single style. You’re going to see cropped trousers of all colors, fabrics, and styles when you explore what on-trend menswear brands like Jared Lang have to offer. You’ll see suede and corduroy used in many different ways and noticed tailored pieces more often than you might think.

More so, you’re going to see patterns and prints like you never have before. This year, the spots vs stripes rule is getting thrown out the window along with any other “pattern clashing” rules you may have heard. The “in” thing right now is to mix patterns.

It’s worth taking a risk and exploring different outfit combinations.

Encourage your man to try a floral shirt with his striped bottoms or to pair two different kinds of plaid together. This will be a bit of a guess and check at first, but it gets easier to do with time. It enhances your man’s look and allows him to explore many new outfits without having to add a bunch of new things to his closet!

10. Utilitarian Looks

The final trend to focus on this year is the mindset of utilitarian fashion.

The world of fashion as a whole is slowly shifting from an aesthetic-only focus to something that also stresses the importance of sustainability and functional clothing.

Big designers and small companies alike are creating clothes that look and feel good. They’re coming up with design innovations that make fabrics more durable and breathable. They’re finding ways to make their production process more sustainable and thinking about the impact their work has on the environment.

They’re making consumers like you notice function as well as form. They’re challenging men and women alike to think beyond how their clothes look and consider the purpose each piece is meant to serve.

Money-Saving Hacks to Keep in Mind When Shopping for the Latest Menswear Trends

The thing about helping someone you care about amp up their wardrobe is that it can be expensive. It’s hard to help your brother find the right outfit for his first date if he’s on a tight budget, and it’s not like you want to buy your son a completely new closet.

Thankfully, there are money-saving tips you can share with your loved ones to help them access the latest menswear trends while on a budget. Not to mention, there’s also the option of upcycling clothing and going thrift shopping.

For money saving tips to help your man buy brand-new clothes, click here.

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