What Should You Look for in the Perfect Ladies Wallet?

//What Should You Look for in the Perfect Ladies Wallet?
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Every girl’s different, so the ladies wallet that’s perfect for you probably isn’t going to be the same as even your best friend.

Your wallet is something you usually have with you all day, every day, and you use it all the time. It’s practical but that doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty.

When picking your perfect wallet, a lot of factors come into play, like your budget, your fashion sense, and your lifestyle.

Read on for our top tips on finding a ladies wallet that’s just right for you.

Size Matters

The first thing to think about is size. How big do you want your new wallet to be?

The answer depends on what you’ll be carrying around with you. Some girls only use plastic to pay for stuff, while other ladies use a mixture of cash and cards.


If you only tend to use cards, then you’ll need less space in your wallet. Even with heaps of cards in there, your wallet will stay slim and light.


If you use cash as well, though, then you’ll need your wallet to expand a little. Don’t stretch out your wallet by overfilling it, as it’ll come apart.

It’s impossible to know how many notes you’ll have in your wallet at any one time, so choose one with a large or expandable notes compartment.


If you tend to carry change on you, you’ll need to decide whether you’ll keep these in your wallet, or in a separate coin purse. A coin purse means you’ll have a lighter wallet, but of course, you’ll need to remember to carry it with you.

If you want to carry coins in your wallet, make sure it has a coin purse section. A zippered coin purse compartment is often the most popular, as they’re stronger than buttoned purses.

Other Bits and Pieces

Do you carry anything else in there regularly? Some girls keep their passports on them at all times, or like space for a compact, lipstick or chapstick.

Think about your habits, and pick a wallet that suits

Wallet Design

Once you’ve worked out which size is right for you, the next things to consider are your individual needs and habits.


Traditional hand-held wallets remain the most popular with ladies, the world over, as they’re practical, spacious, and easy to find in your handbag. Of course, most of us carry handbags.

If your wallet always travels in a handbag, then chances are a traditional wallet is the way to go.

Wallets With a Strap

If you’re looking for your wallet to replace your handbag though, maybe you’d prefer one that sports a chain or a wrist strap.

The benefit of a wallet with a strap is that it’s all you need to carry with you. Find an option that fits your phone and lipstick in it, for the most versatile ladies wallet.

EDC Wallets

Keeping with the minimalist style, another option that’s become very popular are ‘everyday carry’, or EDC wallets.

These wallets aim to be as slimline as possible. They slip inconspicuously into your jeans or jacket pocket without cramping your style, and you’ll still have your absolute essentials on you.

Match Your Style

You’ve picked the size and style of your wallet, so now comes the really fun part: the design.

Wallets come in a dizzying array of prints, patterns, and colors, so this is where your individual taste comes into play.

This part of the process is easy for some. But can be a bit more challenging if you’re trying to decide on a wallet to match your outfit.

Everyone has their own take on fashion. Whether you want to stay in style in vintage t-shirts or summer dresses, there will always be a wallet to suit.

Of course, you may not want to buy multiple wallets to switch up every time you change your outfit!

If you want your wallet to match your outfit, it’s a good idea to go for something in a black color.

Our advice would be to pick one of your go-to colors, one you gravitate towards when you’re choosing your clothes. That way, you’ll always coordinate.

If you don’t regularly wear any particular colors, then go for something neutral, like a black, grey or a brown. These colors often match your shoes and look great with any clothing choice.


Again, this one’s totally up to personal preference, though there are some practical elements to consider.

Untreated Fabric

The colors and design of fabric wallets can be stunning, and the fabric is often nice to touch. Just remember that they can be difficult to keep clean, though, and will get wet in the rain.

Oilcloth and Plastic

Treated fabrics are a great choice for ladies wallets. They’re pretty, colorful, and waterproof, so keep up with your busy lifestyle.

It’s good to note that oilcloth and plastic wallets can be less flexible than fabric wallets, and the coating can be prone to cracking with use.


Leather wallets are traditional, waterproof and long-lasting. They stand up to a lot of wear and often get softer and nicer to handle the longer you use them.

The drawback of leather wallets is that quality leather is often expensive. There’s also a smaller selection, as patterned leather wallets aren’t as common as block colors.


Now that you’ve chosen the ladies wallet you want to go for, you’ll need to find one that fits your budget. With sites like eBay and Amazon, it’s become easier and easier to find a vast array of wallets at a price that suits you.

We always recommend in buying the best quality you can afford, because who wants something that looks great but falls apart in a few weeks?

If you’re the kind of person who switches up your wallet on the regular, you might not want to spend heaps of money on your next one.

If you want a wallet built to last, though, it might be worth spending that little bit more, and getting something you’ll love for all the years you’ll be pulling it out at the store.

Find Your Perfect Ladies Wallet

With so many sizes, colors and designs to choose from, it’s true that choosing a wallet that you’ll love can be difficult.

Because your wallet comes with you everywhere, it can be an emotional choice, too.

Take the stress out of this difficult decision, and remember to have fun! Follow our tips and you’ll end up with the perfect ladies wallet you’ll want to take out again and again.

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