10 Fun Tips for Layering Your Winter Clothes

//10 Fun Tips for Layering Your Winter Clothes
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Winter brings shorter days, longer nights, and colder weather. Winter also brings an enjoyable opportunity to wear warmer, cozier clothing.

Fashion changes with the season. If you’re looking to stay trendy, you’ll have to change with the season, too.

In fact, there is plenty of attire that you should keep in mind as soon as the end of autumn begins to roll around.

When wearing more clothing, there is also more opportunity to be fashionable. Layers are a great way to brave the cold and look good while doing it.

But, not everyone knows exactly how to layer their winter clothes.

Not sure where to start? Continue reading to learn 10 tips fashion tips for layering the winter clothes in your wardrobe.

1. Sweater + Longsleeve

Feeling chilly this winter season? Wearing a sweater over a tight, form-fitting long sleeve shirt can be equally warm and stylish.

If your sweater is particularly baggy, you also have a lot of opportunity for color combinations.

Color is important throughout the whole year, but some seasons (especially winter) call for certain colors to be more prominent.

When dressing for the season, take a moment to make sure you only choose clothing that goes best with winter.

As we approach the end of autumn, now is a better time than ever to look into getting long-sleeved clothing.

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2. Sweater + Plaid

As you can expect, the feel of this outfit is very similar to the one listed above. But, the look can be quite different. The combination of solids and plaids can be very visually appealing.

For something even more stylish, try wearing a baggy sweatshirt with the plaid sleeves protruding from the arms of the sweater.

This will add a bit of character to your outfit (while keeping you warm, too).

3. Sweater + Dress

It can be hard to pull off wearing a dress in the winter time, especially if you live in an area with a colder climate.

If you feel like rocking a dress instead of jeans or leggings, throw a sweater overtop your winter clothes and hit the road.

The combination of casual and formal is a unique one that has a special place in winter fashion.

If you still find yourself too cold, knee-high boots can help alleviate winter’s chill.

4. Loose Tops

The best thing about loose tops is that you can layer them over virtually anything that you want. Long sleeves, short sleeves, you name it: loose tops go with it.

You can also go casual or semi-formal with them, depending on how the rest of your outfit looks. At the very least, loose tops are perfect for a weekend day spent outside.

If your top is loose because it’s thin, be sure to wear enough warm clothing underneath it — especially if it’s windy outside.

5. Boots + Leggings

Boots and leggings are a classic example of winter layering. If you feel like rocking less clothing up top, boots and leggings are a perfect way to make sure you stay warm this season.

Boots and leggings are also the perfect way to complete an outfit focused on keeping away the cold. With boots, leggings, and a quality jacket, you’ll be fine at almost any temperature.

6. Button-Ups

With button-ups, you’re given a lot of potential for different styles. You can keep it professional and tight, or you can leave it open and show off other clothing underneath.

Button-ups go perfect with a nice pair of jeans, and you can even wear coats over a button-up to give off a different vibe.

If you’re looking for something stylish to wear that you may need to unbutton as it warms up later in the day, this type of apparel is a solid choice.

7. Color-Heavy

Layering winter clothes with multiple shades of the same color comes with a risk. It can be very easy to put the wrong shades together, and it will throw your entire outfit off.

Gray is a fantastic place to start. Since there are a variety of lighter and darker shades to choose from, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find clothing that meets your needs.

White is also a solid choice for the same reason, as there are plenty of whites and off-whites to match.

Black can be harder to pull off, but the secret is choosing articles of clothing that range from deep black to a more faded look.

8. Drape That Jacket

Draping your jacket over the rest of your outfit is a fashionable solution to keeping warm this winter. Furthermore, if you choose the right color for your coat, you can incorporate this style into almost any outfit.

Winter trends are definitely something to keep an eye on if you’re looking to be fashionable during the colder months of the year.

Draping your jacket may seem unconventional at first, but there’s a reason it’s becoming more and more popular.

Plus, it’s a solid way to cover up exposed shoulders, too.

9. Turtleneck + Jacket

A turtleneck is a stylish alternative to a scarf if long, flowing articles of clothing aren’t your thing.

Turtlenecks are often worn on their own but can be paired with a jacket to create comfortable layers that will keep your body nice and toasty.

Turtlenecks are also traditionally solid colors. But, they also come in stripes, giving your overall appearance additional character, especially when paired with a jacket that complements it.

10. Sleek Scarves

For some people, long flowing articles of clothing are your thing. Scarves have always been a fashion statement, and they always will be. Today, there are plenty of scarf options, and they include different lengths and widths.

Today, thin scarves tend to be exceptionally popular. Pair these with a sweater or long sleeved shirt, and you’ll be just as comfortable as you are stylish.

Winter Clothes Fashion

It’s one thing to own the clothing. It’s an entirely separate process to put it all together.

For many people, fashion doesn’t come naturally. If you find yourself needing guidance on what to wear (or how to be fashionable in general), check out our blog.

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