Hello, summer girls! Today we are going to discuss about how to wear sequins, something that each and every one of you loves (I am not talking about chocolate, but we can try and make an analogy and say sparkles are the little pieces of chocolate in our clothes). I used to think that sparkle, glitter or sequin clothes need to be dressed just on big events such as weddings, New Year’s Eve or a fancy night party. Well, it’s not the same anymore.

Sequins can be added to every outfit of the day or night, it’s all up to you and it’s so easy to get the perfect look by wearing something sparkling. Plus, it’s a smart way to capture people’s attention (if you need to) and, of course, to look glamorous at the same time. Like every outfit that we wear, even that apparently it’s an easy job to ”match” your jeans with a t-shirt sometimes can be a struggle when it comes to sequins.

But no worries, we are here to help you understand how to wear sequins and when to add sparkles to your outfit. Let’s get started!

How To Wear Sequins

I don’t know about others, but I am always up for a touch of glitz: weekends, shopping, work, lunch out, drinks with friends. It’s always a good time to add some sparkle and I just love it when I find an outfit that will take me anywhere. Maybe it’s about time to step in the light and try it yourself. Believe me, you won’t regret it!

how to wear sequinsMOTO Sequin Boyfriend Jeans

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Even if we are talking about sequin pants, skirts, cardigans or a dress, be very careful how many accessories and colours your outfit will have. I know that I said before that it’s easy to come up with a perfect look when wearing something sparkly, but on the other hand, it’s easy enough to fail and look like a disco ball and who wants that, right?

So, especially if  you enjoy wearing sequins, remind yourself that ONE piece is enough to make a statement. For example, when wearing a sequin skirt, just add a simple white button-down to it and you will look great or if you own a sequin cardigan and you want a casual look, add a pair of jeans and a white top and you’ll be ready to start a glamorous day, without too much effort.

Let’s take a few styles and discuss them so you can understand the rules of how to wear sequins better.

Casual Look

Casual means casual ladies!

If you work in an office, but still want to wear a glimmering outfit, you are totally allowed. However, be careful to prevent yourself going overboard.

  • How to wear sequins for a perfect look (and day) at the office: wear a sequin top paired with crop black jeans and why not a simple cardigan or a jacket for windy mornings and late nights in the office.

  • If you are more like a skirt type of girl, we have the perfect outfit for you as well: sequin skirt (grey, black or light pink effect) paired with a neutral top and stiletto shoes or pumps.

Don’t be shy and start adding sparkle to your outfits if you feel like because now it’s the moment to do it!

how to wear sequinsSequin Pencil Skirt

Photo source: topshop.com

Smart Casual Look

You want to go out and have a chat with your friends while enjoying a good glass of wine, but something is missing from your outfit? We have the answer, don’t panic!

Be smart and grab a pair of boot cut jeans (I really love them and it’s not because they look perfect on women with wide hips, it’s because they saved me every time when I needed to be saved from a fashion disaster situation) paired with a sequin t-shirt and you are ready to go, have some fun and look gorgeous at the same time.

TIP: try something dressy, like a sequin skirt with something super casual, like a sweatshirt. Keep your skirt high waisted and your sweatshirt short, to give the illusion of longer legs (works for me, give it a try!).

how to wear sequins  Sequin Shirts by Sister Jane

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how to wear sequinsTwinkle Sequin Pelmet Skirt

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Elegant Look

If you are a shoe lover, then this is your moment to glow!

How to wear sequins and be elegant at the same time you ask? You can wear the same casual outfits like the ones mentioned above and have the elegant look required for a night party, just by changing your shoes; it can’t get more simple than this!

If you want to go hard and wear from had-to-toe sequins without looking crazy or over the top, elegant style will suit you. You have plenty of choices from sequin dresses and two-piece ensemble to sequin jumpsuits.  So, let’s have some royal elegance girls and try our best when comes to wearing sequins!

You can also check out How To Make The Best Of Your Sequined Shoes.

how to wear sequinsPetite Limited Edition Embellished Dress

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how to wear sequinsScallop Sequin Crop Top & Scallop Pencil Skirt by TFNC

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In conclusion, sparkles and sequins can be added any time to your outfit and looks great to any occasion. But, of course we should draw a line and make a difference between a day outfit and a night outfit, if you don’t want to be seen during the day with some sparkling shoes or a super fancy sequin dress.

Do you want to add some sparkle to your work clothes? Go for it! Sequins can be seen everywhere on the street at any time and I guess we can say that fashion had another chic and spectacular new direction, especially for daytime dressing.

And another point for sequins, glitter and sparkling clothes is that now we can wear them more than once, they serve more than just a one wear purpose, if you accessorize them properly for day or night time (if we only knew this at least two years back!).

Did you like this article? What's your favourite sequin look?

Then it’s time to share it with your friends! We love sparkles and we are fans of every sequin look, let us know which is your favourite one! Answer in a comment bellow, cause I read all the comments.

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