Flowers have been present in our lives in various forms, from having them to admire in our windows, vases or gardens, to actually being printed on our clothes. Why? For the simple fact that they are beautiful. The floral trend began many years ago but started out with small, tiny flowers printed on dresses, skirts, pants of tops. The SS 2015 season has brought in another take on this trend: oversized flowers. Big blossoms are still a floral trend but a newer version of it: they are big and present a whole lot of texture. They are also feminine and have the purpose of embracing the happiness and romance of spring.

The fun part is that blooms have started being presented on runways even in Fall and Winter, not just Spring and Summer, so it’s a great thing. Now, you don’t need any other reason the wear them. You do it because first, you like them and second, it’s trendy.

big blossoms

Big Blossoms – The New Floral Trend?

Most of the times, the floral trend, and the big blossoms come in pastel or dynamic colors, mixing beautifully with neutral colors. However, there were sometimes when designers have pushed this trend into a more dark direction, taking advantage of big blossom in shades such as dark red, burgundy and marsala, and even black. It’s like they were presenting a whole other dimension of this trend, an interesting dimension I might add.

POSITIVE FACT: Due to the textures and the print, big blossoms can be worn by everybody, no matter the body type. So, let your wardrobe embellish with big blossoms and petals and enjoy wearing them every minute of it.

How To Wear Big Blossoms

 I think it’s time to put some attitude into florals and start making them look fresh again by adding some other textures as well: fringe, lace or sheer materials.

  • Seeing that fringe is already a strong print this season, a mix of fringe and big flowers could really catch the eye and transform your outfit into a summer-loving look, and also a more relaxed one.

This bandeau top will look great with a pair of fringed suede ankle boots, a summer straw hat, and a fringe leather rucksack. Find some inspiration from the Coachella festival!

This is a more elegant look. What should you do so that you give it a bohemian, summer vibe? I would replace the heels with a pair of summer espadrilles or suede flat sandals, add a pair of shades and a fringed handbag. Also, I would add a headband with a few big flowers. 

Check also the Fringe Trend – Inspiration and How To Wear It.

  • The lace/sheer-big blossoms combination emphasizes the feminine state, adding a little bit of romance to the look. Everybody enjoys a romantic look, so don’t be afraid to let your guard down and be feminine and romantic from time to time. It pays off.

This floral top mixed with a little bit of floral lace looks great with some nude pants/skirt and a pair of espadrilles.

big blossoms


I really like how this dress looks like. Yes, it’s a dress, but it looks like there is a white lace top and a skirt printed with big roses. A great way to combine lace and flowers!

For more translucent and feminine looks, read our article on How To Pull Off A Sheer Look.
  • If you’re not a fan of the floral trend, but still like some flowers here and there, maybe a floral backpack will do the trick for you. This way, you can still carry some flowers with you, wherever you go. 
big blossoms


  • For those of you that love darker shades and a darker style, I recommend this burgundy floral headband that I absolutely love and this black sheer dress with big pink roses 
  • The ultimate boho look: go boho-chic with beautiful kimono dresses with big blossom accents and sheer texture. The ankle boots, fringe, and hat are a must! 
big blossoms


TIP: A black leather jacket is the perfect accessory for this kind of look.

  • Want to feel the spring when you’re walking? Wear a pair of beautiful blooming trousers and it will feel like spring has never really left the building, I mean you. 
big blossoms


  • For a total flower look try this summer jumpsuit with big blossoms. It gives a fresh and energetic feel. 

“Put a fresh spin on florals in this cut-out jumpsuit. Cut with a wide leg and fitted top, the low cut-out back gives a flash of exposed skin. “

I remember when the famous Miranda Priestley from The Devil Wear Prada (book and movie) said, “in shock”: “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” 

When I come to think of it, it’s funny, the way she said it. It doesn’t mean it’s also true. Sure, it’s expected that for spring, the floral print to be omnipresent and it wouldn’t be if designers didn’t present us, season after season, with ways to renew this trend by making it fresh, stylish, trendy, edgy and feminine at the same time.  

What’s left to do?

Keep in mind these 3 ideas from fashionone.com and you won’t regret it:

  • Keep an eye out for the trends.

  • Make one bold floral statement (and only one).

  • Keep a consistent color story with your florals.

Did you like this article? What's your favorite big blossoms look?

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