If you look over the years, the styles have changed, the clothes, the hair; the icing to the cake has changed flavours. But if you really look at the cake itself, it’s really the same – John Oates

We totally agree with this quote, but the most important thing that we love is that’s a true one. Even if you think about cakes or clothes (definitely I was thinking about clothes when I first read it!) has the same meaning, and today you are going to understand what we meant by ”the same”. Ready yet to discover our new article?

The Romanian ie

By now every fashion girl heard, saw or read about the Romanian ie, Romanian blouse, embroidered Romanian blouse or Romanian dress, and this are just a few of the names that I heard and read in the big fashion magazines.

Romanian traditional blouse became well known when Queen Marie of Romania started wearing it as a symbol of belonging and after was made famous by the French painter Henry Matisse which explained in his paintings how the blouse has been made. Later on, the Romanian ie was in the fashion industry, on catwalks and for this big step we have to be grateful to Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier, Emilio Pucci, Tom Ford and many others, which took the Romanian ie to another level.

Romanian ie was originally made from cotton or raw silk tissue with gorgeous and delicate hand-made embroideries on the sleeves and the neckline, it was the perfect outfit for festive days; in some villages from Romania the girls are still wearing it on traditional weddings and church.

The good thing is that now we can wear it every time we want, not just on festive days and also we have plenty of styles and accessories to mix and match from where to choose.

How to style the Romanian Ie

The most important thing when looking how to style the Romanian ie, even if it is just a by-product of it, is that you need to be aware of the accessories, and we have some yummy things for you! Try not to go overboard and keep it simple, because in the end this is all about. The Romanian ie should be a part of a clean and tidy look.

When we talk about traditional costumes and parts of them like the Romanian ie, the accessories should be as well traditional or at least hand made accessories. Now, with thousands of online stores is super easy to find really nice hand-made accessories, such as bracelets, necklaces, purses even a nice embroidered clutch; which can cost less than the other ones and look perfect with the Romanian ie.

How to style the Romanian ie

1. Body Bag with Floral Embroidery
2. Icon Brand Embroidered Bracelet Pack
3. Embroidered Across Body with Tassles
4. Vintage Pom Pom Embroidered Bag in White Embroidery
5. Moyna Clutch with Vintage Style Clip Top and Embroidered Floral Applique

Photo source: asos

1. Skirt/Dress style

How to style the Romanian ie

Tie Me Down dress in white embroidery

Photo source: showpo

How to style the Romanian ie

Tie Me Down dress in white embroidery plus on the road belt in brown

Photo source: showpo

Probably this is the most wearable style, beside jeans style, and suits everyone. My favourite type of skirt, and I can assure that you will look amazingly with, is flared skirt. Try a flared skirt (tea length) with the Romanian ie and a pair of stilettos.

For everyday casual look go for a mini skirt and flat sandals and if you have a short sleeves ie, you will adore this look! Tip: change the sandals with a pair of boots for a rockabilly look.

TIP: change the sandals with a pair of boots for a rockabilly look.

Did we mention that the Romanian ie can be worn to the office as well? That’s right! Try the Romanian ie with a pleated skirt (tea-length or above to feel and look decent) and a pair of sandals.

2. Shorts style

How to style the Romanian ie

Left: China Doll Embroidery Top by Jovonna topshop

Middle: Fireflies Playsuit in White Embroidery showpo

Right: Embroidered Blouse by Glamorous topshop

Do you have any plans for the weekend? Maybe a party on the beach or a drink outside? No matter what plans you have a pair of shorts can save an active person like you. So, here is your perfect outfit: short sleeves Romanian ie paired with shorts (cut-off denim shorts high waist jeans or frayed bottom jeans shorts) and some platform sandals. You will look awesome in no time!

Another pair of shorts that go awesome with the Romanian ie are the smart city shorts with or without two-way stretch. Will give you the elegant look and also can be worn even on the most elegant parties or on the red carpet. Who doesn’t want a red carpet look, right?

3. Jeans style

How to style the Romanian ie

Pull&Bear Embroidered Smock Top

Photo source: asos

Think about a place that jeans can’t be worn…exactly, there is no such place that a pair of jeans can’t go! If you know how to style the Romanian ie with jeans properly, then you’ll discover (AGAIN!) that a pair of jeans can be your BFFs. But now, because we are talking about the Romanian ie, you really need to try it with a boot-cut jeans, you will look fab!

How to style the Romanian ie                                     ASOS TALL Cold Shoulder Embroidered Bralet                                        

Photo source: asos

Interested in more denim? Check out How to wear denim dress.

Same as the smart city shorts are some crop trousers that can build a brilliant outfit in the blink of an eye and paired with the Romanian ie will give you a sophisticated look, but simple and clean in the same time, isn’t this fun?

To draw a conclusion from today’s article isn’t so hard.  We’ve been talking about the Romanian ie and how to style the Romanian ie, the materials of the traditional blouse and some different names for la blouse roumaineWe saw how a part of a traditional costume can be reinvented, just by changing the materials or the colours, but in reality it’s still the same thing; we talked about what kind of accessories you will need when you decide to wear the Romanian ie and of course, as usual, we gave you a few styles from where to choose if you don’t have any ideas. Hope you enjoy it!

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Featured image source: showpo

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