How to Style Clothes You Already Have: 8 Must-Read Style Hacks

//How to Style Clothes You Already Have: 8 Must-Read Style Hacks
  • how to style clothes you already have

Ever have that feeling that there’s nothing worth wearing in your closet? It can be a frustrating feeling, especially when celebrities and style gurus seem to have closets that are ever-expanding.

Even if you’re feeling frustrated at your wardrobe, it can be worth taking a second look at what you already own. A recent study found that 50% of women have between $1,000 – $5,000 worth of clothes in their closet and still feel they have nothing to wear.

Instead of dropping more money on an expensive shopping trip, consider making tiny tweaks to your current outfits. You may be surprised that a little change in how you wear something can make an outfit go from drab to fab. And you don’t even need a personal stylist to do it for you.

Read on and we’ll cover how to style clothes you already with our eight must-read style hacks.

1. Knot Your Button Down Shirts

It feels as if you’ve worn that plaid shirt a thousand times before, but you’ve probably never done this.

Knotting the bottom of a button down shirt can help show off your waist and shape and give you a more polished look.

To get a perfect knot going, undo the bottom three buttons and tie the shirt tails into a knot. Then tighten the knot so that it hits just above your belly button and knot it again. Make sure to straighten the ends of your knot so that it sits exactly where you want it against your stomach.

2. Wear A Belt Over Your Layers

Layering is already a classic way to look like a fashionista once the temperatures get cooler. The only downside to layering is that your many items may add up to something that feels bulky and random as opposed to chic and cool.

A belt around the waist or chest can pull the whole outfit together and can carve out the shape of your figure even with multiple layers on.

It’s a great way to make a look feel brand new AND get some use out of the belts that have been sitting in the back of your closet.

3. Try Cuffing Your Jeans

All you have to do to rock this style fix is lean over.

Cuffing your favorite pair of jeans can give a brand new look and feel to one of your closet staples. It’s a subtle trick but can make something you’ve worn one thousand times feel fresh and new.

Not to mention, cuffed jeans can help show off new footwear like nothing else.

When cuffing jeans, make sure to match the style of jeans you’re wearing. Smaller, tighter jeans should have short, tight rolls to match the style. Looser, “boyfriend” jeans should be more rolled than cuffed, matching the more casual vibe of the pants.

4. Add A Scarf

If you feel like you’ve burnt through all your necklaces and assorted jewelry, try adding a scarf to or bandana to an outfit instead.

The best part about a scarf is that there are so many different ways to wear it. You can tie it behind your neck and leave the pointed edge out front, or tightly roll it for a cute and simpler look.

If you’re having a bad hair day, a bandana or scarf can be used as a hairband to help keep your hair up and out of your face.

5. Let Your Socks Peek Out

A fashion trend that bloggers are going crazy for right now involves letting your socks peek out of your shoes or boots.

Scrunched socks can give a dress or skirt a cool and casual look that can really make an outfit pop. Pull your socks out from your boots and then scrunch them down to the appropriate height, covering about one-fourth of your lower leg.

Thin socks that aren’t too sporty play the best, and socks give you the opportunity to play and experiment with different colors.

6. Try The Front Tuck

Popularized for men most recently by the new season of Queer Eye, the show’s ‘French Tuck’ is just a fancy term for the front tuck women have been using to spice up their outfits for ages.

If you’re wearing an oversized top and don’t want to appear boxy, try tucking in just the front of your shirt into your pants and let the other sides hang out. Also known as the “one-handed tuck,” this is an easy fashion trick that can help your outfit ride the line between formal and casual.

7. Wear A Shirt Under Your Dress

A fashionable new trend is this mix and match of shirt and dress. Wearing your favorite shirt under a favorite dress can liven both pieces of clothing up and provide a brand new look you didn’t even know you had.

Better yet, the shirt and dress combo are perfect for those early summer days where the heat can fade away as night falls and leaves you needing a little extra shoulder warmth.

8. Throw On Some Shades

For decades, a pair of good sunglasses has been the epitome of cool when it comes to fashion. If you’re feeling unsure about an outfit, try throwing on a pair of shades and seeing if it doesn’t brighten (ha!) your view on the outfit.

Many fashion blogs are into the new trend of tiny sunglasses, which are quickly replacing the oversized variety that has been so popular.

How To Style Clothes You Already Have

Everyone goes through feelings of frustration when digging through their wardrobe. But there are many ways to make your image feel fresh and new without having to hit the mall for brand new clothes.

If you know how to style clothes you already have, you can save loads of money, time, and effort and still look great. The above tips are a perfect way to get started. Have more styling tips? Let us know in the comments.

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