How To Stand Out In A Cute Way During Sorority Rush Week

//How To Stand Out In A Cute Way During Sorority Rush Week
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Ah, sorority rush week. It’s both an exciting and nerve-wracking time filled with pledges, parties, and new people, all of whom are looking to make the perfect first impression.

When it comes to nailing the first impression and gaining the confidence of your desired sorority, the age-old question comes to mind: “What should I wear?”

Now, this isn’t your typical dress code scenario. There are going to be a whole bunch of girls, and you want to stand out from the pack.

During the whole week, you are going to want to look your absolute best and make the sororities pray that you want to join them, not the other way around.

Let’s talk about that.

Sorority Rush Week Basics

When it comes to rush, you’re going to want to dress up. Sweatpants are poison here, people.

The idea is, as the week goes on, you want to get progressively dressier. Most girls wear wedges or heels the entire week.

Of course, if the sorority is having a themed party, take that into account. If, for example, on philanthropy day (usually the second or third day of rush), they are doing something outdoors, you will still want to dress up, but make it more casual.

We are talking southern belle, not nightclub attendee.

You want to wear something that is church-friendly, something that is family-friendly.

Make sure you bring your hair supplies and makeup as well. But don’t go too heavy on the makeup during the day- you want to look put together, not ready to party. That part comes later.

Nightwear for Rush Week

When you do go out at night, wear something not too tight or loud, but something sleek and appropriate for the occasion.

Think smokey eye makeup with a nice updo. Then match the outfit to the makeup and hair.

Since the goal is to dress progressively fancier as the week progresses, the first day of rush a shirt and jeans are nice, provided you pair them with a pair of nice flats or boots. Greek U’s blog says sorority rush shirts should be tasteful, but fun.

That night, wear something simple, but alluring. You always want to overdress a little bit for each day. But it’s a fine line- you want to go one notch ahead of the occasion, not seven.

By the end of the week, you should be in full swing in the dress department. You want to end the week with a bang- really show them what you’ve got.

Accessories, Please

As the week goes on, all of your accouterments surrounding your outfit should get progressively nicer as well.

The first day, no jewelry or minimal jewelry is advised. Start with a pair of simple earrings, nothing dangly. Excessive bracelets should be avoided.

If you wear a necklace, keep it simple. Maybe you have one you wear every day- that is fine, provided it isn’t anything too bold or bright.

As the week progresses, you can start to really accessorize with your jewelry, especially at night. Take them by storm with your gorgeous, blinged-out self.

Same goes for hair- you can do a simple bun or keep your hair down, provided it is neat and well-kept. During the nighttime activities, you can go a little classier.

By the final day, you want to have a nice updo. French braids and fishtail braids are still super popular, and if it’s popular, it is a safe way to go.

You don’t really want to take this week to experiment with your look. You want to have a few established looks that work for you, and stick with them.

Get your eyebrows done right before rush week, and make sure you are keeping up with them. Eyebrows can undo a whole look if they are not watched after.

Makeup is Vital, People

Makeup is the frosting on the cake. It can pull a whole look together, or tear it apart so you look like a birthday clown.

You want to stick with a foundation that you know and trust to work for you-you don’t want any last minute breakouts on one of the most life-changing weeks of your life.

Speaking of breakouts, make sure you pack your skin =care routine and do it every day. I know it can be hard to remember to wash your face and exfoliate at 3 in the morning when you have to get up at 8 but remember: your face is your ambassador. Keep it looking well.

When it comes to makeup, keep it light and refreshing. A simple red lip look is nice for the last few days, but in the beginning, stick with a nude lip, or even some chapstick.

Eye makeup should be light and have a pop of color in the nighttime.

Of course, at night, you can show off some of your more artistic makeup looks and really wow the sororities. But when you are doing the daily activities, simple is more.

You want to show off how versatile you can be, and makeup is a great way to do that. You know in movies when the simple girl comes out with her night look on and everyone is blown away? Yeah, you want that to be you.

The shock factor only works if you keep it simple during the daytime. You want to keep your true skills tucked away for the big reveal at night.

Sorority Week Vitals

The most important thing to remember about sorority rush week is that this is only one week that will hopefully change the rest of your life.

In a sorority, you make sisters or life, and that is what this is all about: finding the best fit for you.

At the end of the day, the best thing to wear is self-esteem and confidence. Confidence changes the whole look of a person.

Make sure you are kind and courteous and remember: no matter what happens, or where you go after rush, you are starting the rest of your life here.

For more inspo and info, check us out here.

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