How to Find a Wallet That’s Perfect For You

//How to Find a Wallet That’s Perfect For You
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Almost every man in America owns a wallet. That’s nearly 120 million wallets filling pockets all of the country. And guess what else… wallets aren’t just something associated with men anymore. Women are increasingly ditching their massive bags and opting for the function and economical nature wallets can provide.

Bottom line, wallets are an important item used by all kinds of people day in and day out. Whether you’re buying a wallet for yourself or for a friend, you’ll want to be sure you pick out the right one to ensure that your wallet makes your life easier.

But how does one go about doing that? After all, finding the perfect wallet is easier said than done.

Our team has put together this article to answer people’s, “How to find a wallet” questions. So, if you’re shopping for a wallet, simply take note of our easy to follow criteria below and shop with confidence!

1) Consider Quality

When shopping for a wallet the first thing you’ll want to consider is quality. A high-quality wallet can last you near a lifetime. Because of that, springing for something a little more expensive up front can save you a lot of money in the long run.

A wallet comprised of low-quality leather or other materials is likely to feel cheap and not be durable. It can represent savings up front though. Going cheap may also be helpful if you’re prone to frequently losing your wallet.

The quality of the wallet you buy can also say a lot about you. If you’re trying to embody somebody who carries themselves in a way that puts a value on responsibly sourced materials and high-quality craftsmanship, your wallet should employ those characteristics and you might want to take a look at buying from this company.

So, consider the budget you have to spend on a wallet. Also, consider the amount you want to save upfront versus in the long run and what you want your wallet to say about you when selecting quality.

Not All Leather is Good Leather

A final note on quality, not all leather is created equal! This is extremely important given that many inexperienced wallet buyers will assume that because a wallet online is being marketed as leather it means it’s of good quality.

Leather can be sourced from high-quality producers responsibly and tanned by a true craftsman. It can also be sourced irresponsibly in-bulk and sold cheaply to unsuspecting customers.

Always be wary of too good to be true prices on wallets claiming to be made of high-quality leather. You’ll likely be disappointed.

2) Consider Your Style

Wallets come in all shapes and sizes. You have the classic billfold wallet, zip-around wallets, wallet/passport mash-ups, wallets that specialize in holding cards and more.

Knowing the stylistic sensibilities of yourself or the person you’re buying for is very important in making sure your wallet fashion can seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. If you’re buying for somebody else and aren’t sure which wallet style best suits them, a little recon can go a long way.

First, consider the style of wallet they currently have. Odds are if they’ve had it for a long time, buying the same style wallet is a safe choice. If you’re looking to break the mold and get them something a little different, understanding how they use money can be very telling in the style of wallet best suited for them.

3) Consider Your Relationship With Money

This is something we touched on at the end of the last point and possibly the most important factor when asking how to find a wallet. The way you handle your money can be supported big time by finding a wallet that works with it, not against it.

For example, do you carry a lot of change? If so, you’re going to want a wallet with a change zipper. Trying to stack coins in the bill section of your wallet or in card slots is not a viable solution.

If you buy a wallet with no coin zipper for a person that deals with change, you can bet your wallet will end up collecting dust on a shelf.

Another thing to consider is how many cards you lug around with you. You’ll want to make sure your wallet has slots to accommodate.

The moral here is that you’ll want to fully assess what you want from a wallet from a function perspective and not compromise those principals when buying. Doing this will make sure your wallet feels like an extension of yourself.

4) Cut the Clutter

Part of buying a new wallet should be about optimizing. By that we mean you’ll want to find a wallet that handles your absolute necessities and not much more.

Wallets that do everything are bulky, ugly and make it look like something weird is growing out of your leg when you shove it in your jean pockets.

There’s no reason why you need to carry 30 plastic cards, a piggy bank worth of change, and fifty singles everywhere you go. So, when you’re buying a wallet buy one that’s light, stylish, and will force you to scale back some.

We know that it can be tough to not carry your library card with you everywhere you go but believe us when we say that having a clutter-free wallet is a liberating experience.

Wrapping up How to Find a Wallet

When considering how to find a wallet, be sure think about quality, style, functionality, and keeping things optimized. Doing so will land you with a wallet that’s perfectly suited to your tastes.

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