How to Find Amazing Deals Online

//How to Find Amazing Deals Online
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With over 40% of digital buyers in the United States buying online multiple times in a month, it’s safe to say online shopping is here to stay.

Whether or not you’re part of this growing trend, there are right ways to purchase products online and wrong ways. The next time you find yourself buying digitally, help yourself save money by implementing these tips and tricks.

Let’s help you find amazing deals online!

Use Deal Sites for All Your Shopping Needs

Of course, there are various sites dedicated to getting you amazing deals on any item imaginable. Groupon, Slickdeals, and others provide you with instant savings on multiple products that you might need, so it’s good to have an understanding of how they work.

Most of these sites are community-based, with users scouring the Internet for a comprehensive list of deals. A lot of them post about products in a blog-like format, which helps you learn more about a variety of things, from toys to groceries to electronics and everything in between.

The best strategy is to handpick a few of these websites to compare and contrast offers or coupons. This ensures you get optimal savings and amazing deals on whatever it is you’re buying.

A handful of sites that give out consistent, quality deals are:

  • Groupon
  • Dealnews
  • Slickdeals
  • FatWallet
  • PriceGrabber
  • DealsPlus
  • Overstock
  • The Krazy Coupon Lady

Check out a few of these sites, research which ones provide you with the best potential savings, and bookmark them on your browser for future use.

Social Media is Your Ticket to Sweet Savings

Surprisingly, social media is good for an amazing deal every now and then.

Specifically, Twitter is an online shopping goldmine. Take advantage of the platform by getting a Twitter account that follows only the savviest of people and deal seekers who are always sending out the savings vibe.

When people are all talking about the same brand or product, you now have the insight to search for savings on that item.

This allows you access to coupons and discounts you wouldn’t otherwise know about. While deal sites are great and should be your go-to, it doesn’t hurt to check something you probably already check constantly for some massive savings.

Another one that has recently shown some promise is Instagram. Everybody and their dog – literally – is a brand ambassador or media influencer at this point.

There are personal discounts galore if you follow certain accounts; Instagram stories are always showing discount codes and “swipe-ups” for you to cash in on percentages off or free swag.

All in all, you’re on social media anyways. Use it to benefit your online shopping.

Free Shipping is a Fantasy (Sometimes)

Don’t be fooled by “free shipping.”

Despite the shipping being free of charge, the product itself could be pricier than if you were to buy from a different site. For example, if Amazon offers a book for $15 and free shipping, but then you find the same book on another site for $9 plus $3 shipping, you’re still saving money by opting for the other site.

The trick is to not think of free shipping as a “deal.” It should be considered as “price of product” + “shipping and handling.” Whichever site gives you the best price combination nets you the ideal deal.

Besides, for free shipping, you usually have to pay some type of subscription or membership fee to gain access to free shipping in the first place. These sometimes hold tremendous value, but it depends on your shopping tendencies.

If you are a voracious digital buyer, it’s prudent to get Amazon Prime or an equivalent to bank on the shipping savings and quick deliveries; if you aren’t crazy about online shopping, perhaps hold off on this.

Do the math, take your time, and see what truly is the most amazing deal available.

Location Location Location

Did you know that you’re charged prices on products based off where you live? Geographically speaking, websites take your location into consideration when showing you prices for numerous items. If your zip code proves to be a wealthy area, you could get dinged in dollars because the site knows you can most likely afford it.

Various niches show the disparity between one location and another; fashion and style is a big one.

Say there’s a dress you want to purchase online. You allow the site to “see” your location. If you’re in Manhattan, the price rises; if you’re in the Midwest, the price goes down.

You make more, you spend more. That’s how online shops get you.

Thankfully, there are ways to curtail this issue. You can use a VPN to fake your IP address. The websites won’t know where you’re searching from, so you can shop freely without worrying about location bias. Or, when you are in a different region, do some shopping research to find out if you’re getting robbed back home.

Clean Up Your Crumbs

History repeats itself. Nowhere is this truer than in online shopping.

Choosing a browser for solely online shopping is a great way to avoid unwanted ads in your normal browser. It also creates a special “shopping” profile for you as a disguise. Clear your cookies everytime you log off on that browser and the websites will see you as a new customer time and again.

As new customers, online vendors offer you more discounts in order to seal the deal and win your business. New customers are highly coveted, so they give you amazing deals to make sure you buy. Little do they know, you shop there all the time!

So choose a different browser to basically shop and clear your cookies consistently. This is a wonderful tool to use all the time when shopping online.

Find Amazing Deals to Succeed at Online Shopping

Use these awesome tips and tricks the next time you go online to shop. These hacks are simple, easy to implement, and will save you a bunch in the long run. Trust us: Your experience – and your wallet – will thank you.

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