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Have you ever made the trek out to the gym after work, feeling great about yourself, until you realize, you forgot your gym duffle bag?

Suddenly, your entire workout is ruined. Without the right essentials, you might not even be able to step on the treadmill or get those reps in on the rowing machine.

Here are some items that you can’t break a sweat without:

Gym Duffle Bag Essentials


Proper footwear can make or break a workout. If you are engaging in strenuous cardio exercise, you need to have the right shoes or you will risk serious damage to your feet.

Consider getting fitted for running shoes at your local sports store. With the right shoes, you’ll start to notice that your stamina is higher, your mile times are faster, and that you feel better after your workouts.

Water Bottle

A high-volume, sturdy water bottle is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of your trip to the gym. Staying hydrated is crucial for your body before, during, and after your workouts, because your body is in need of oxygen.

Drinking enough water can also prevent painful muscle cramps and exercise related injuries brought upon by fatigue.


Sometimes the music they play at the gym can get a little repetitive. You want to be able to listen to the beats that pump you up and get your juices flowing. Visit headphonesaddict to find high-quality headphones for your workout.

No one likes the guy who blasts his music for the rest of the gym. With quality headphones, you can tune out distractions and focus on losing weight or making those gains.

A Cell Phone

You shouldn’t be texting or on the phone when you are at the gym. But a phone can be a very valuable workout buddy. Besides playing music and podcasts, a cell phone can help you track your progress.

There are many apps available that can track how many calories you burn per workout, keep tabs on your heart rate, and outline your workout plan. You may also be able to track your food consumption, making weight loss a breeze.

The Right Clothes

Wearing the right outfit to the gym is the key to enjoying yourself and developing a routine. You want to choose clothes that you look good in, but you also want them to serve a purpose.

Most people opt for comfortable sportswear at the gym, although some people do prefer fashion over function. Either way, you want to choose clothing that is easy on your skin and doesn’t irritate you or cause rashes.

Many gyms will not allow you to exercise in work clothes or street clothes, as improper clothing could cause injury that they do not want to be liable for.

Not only will the right clothes make you look good, they’ll help you feel better after your workout.

Have any more suggestions on what to carry in a gym duffle bag? Please leave a comment below and continue the conversation!

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