5 Unconventional Jewelry Trends You’ve Never Considered

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Jewelry has long adorned the necks, earlobes, and wrists of women.

Jewelry is a great way to add personal flare to any look and many women won’t even leave the house without a pair of earrings.

In 2017, however, jewelry trends are branching out to parts of the body you’ve probably never considered adding jewelry to.

This article will explore the latest jewelry trends and maybe inspire you to accessorize all new parts of your self.

1) Back Necklaces

Make everyone hate to see you go but love to watch you leave with a back necklace!

You probably never considered that your back needed a necklace, but the latest jewelry trends are implying that it may.

Back necklaces are designed for those times when you’re wearing a dress or shirt that dips low and leaves a lot of your back exposed. And hey, if your front deserves a necklace we say your back does too!

2) Fingernail Jewelry

We’re not talking about the little rhinestones you can add to your nails during a manicure. We’re talking about jewelry that is basically little hats for your fingers.

They range in style from elegant to down right intimidating.

Certain styles of finger nail jewelry even look like miniature weapons.

Who needs pepper spray when going for long walks at night anymore when you can just pop on a really intimidating finger nail piece.

3) Jewelry for Your Teeth

Jewelry trends are spreading from your backs to your fingernails to your teeth. Accentuate your pearly whites with a grill for your teeth.

Plenty of celebrities have been rocking this look lately.

You’ll be sure to dazzle anyone in the room when you add jewelry to your smile.

4) Jewelry for Your Biceps

Adding a gold chain to your bicep may seem strange, but it can have a Roman goddess vibe to it.

A woman’s arms can be one of her most attractive features. Since arms are usually visible to the public eye, why not add some jewelry to them?

Plus a shimmer of jewelry can draw attention to your lean arms. Just don’t do any weight lifting in your arm jewelry as it may pop off.

5) Hip Jewelry

Wearing jingly chains around your hips isn’t only for belly dancers!

Though admittedly this look will work best if you have the toned body of a belly dancer.

Wearing hip jewelry is great for beach vacations or for when wearing crop tops. Hip jewelry draws attention straight to your hips, which can be a very alluring feature.

So There you Have the Latest Unconventional Jewelry Trends…

You don’t have to be confined to conventional jewelry standards. You have an entire body you can adorn with jewelry if you so choose.

Who says jewelry is meant only for your ears, neck, and wrists anyway?

If you’re looking for stylish dresses to pair with your new jewelry check out these.

If you have any unconventional jewelry trends you want to tell us about please leave a comment below!

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