Editor’s Choice #4: Day & Night – Under $50

//Editor’s Choice #4: Day & Night – Under $50
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As you might noticed already, each week, an editor at Estilo Tendances shares their favorite items and comes up with an amazing outfit. Weeks has passed and we already reached week #4, meaning my chance to reveal what i have in mind this autumn.

Last week we had the Cosy Chic edition, you might want to check it out!

This week i thought of an evening outfit, something elegant and fabulous, but at the same time, affordable! Each item is under $50, so you can start shopping NOW.

Also, because i love versatile outfits, i chose this particular dress, that can be worn easily with a pair of stilettos by night, and chunky boots by day. Take a look and mix and match!

Day & Night-editors-choice

1. Sleeveless Pleated Slim Sheer Red Dress $35.99

This is one sexy, but elegant dress! Bold color, slim fit and perfect volume with the pleated detailing.

2. ROMWE Black High heels $39.99

This is the MUST HAVE pair of shoes every woman should own! Black stilettos will be your best friend always, so if you don’t have a pair, for only $39.99 i think you should not wait any longer!

3. Exotic Heart Gold Earrings $9.99

It might just be me, but when i see gold, i go crazy! I love golden accessories and especially big earrings! They are only for evening wear, and if you do pick them, please do not wear any necklaces, because they are a statement already.

4. ROMWE Curved Eyelash and Lip Print Woven Bag $21.99

Don’t you love having unique accessories? I think this bag might cut it! It is super sweet and all eyes will be on it!

5. Cool Circle Shaped Leopard Sunglasses $13.99

If you want to take your red dress for a ride during day time, you need your fabulous sunglasses!

6. Houndstooth Print Drawstring Bag $28.99

Love everything about this bag, the black and white tweed, the golden accents…

7. ROMWE Diamante Diamond Pendant Necklace $9.99

I chose this necklace for the day outfit, but it can we easily worn at a cocktail party.

8. ROMWE Pin Buckled Black Platform Shoes $39.99

These are a pair of shoes that i want! They are a bit ‘weird‘ for my girly taste, but combing them with an elegant outfit, it’s magic! And for $39.99 i think i found my pair!

9. Sheer Black PU Jacket $41.99

A black leather jacket is another MUST HAVE in your wardrobe. But, we cannot always afford real leather, or we are animals lovers and we don’t want to buy leather products… so we are left with PU items, which look like leather, but are not! If you don’t own one already, you might want to think again! (maybe ask Santa for one ?!)

Besides having all items under $50, i forgot to mention that if you sign up for the first time you get 15% OFF and if you spend $20 or more, you get FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. I think today is your lucky day!

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Also, another surprise, you still have a few days left to get up to 70% OFF (click below)

Do you like this outfit? Do you feel like going on a shopping spree?

Don’t be shy, tell us more in a comment below, we love hearing what you think!


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