Dark primavera by Valentino – Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2014

//Dark primavera by Valentino – Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2014

Presented at Paris Fashion Week, Valentino’s Ready to Wear Spring Summer 2014 collection represents a combination of garments for conservative women who prefer long sleeved dresses, as well as for modern women. Even if the warm season leads to more vivid colors, the main chromatic palette chosen by the two Italian designers incorporates dark colors such as black, burgundy and green accompanied by beautiful embroideries displaying ethnical motifs.




The fringe element is also present attached to bags and suede, giving the whole collection a more modern feel.




Gold detaileddark green bag with fringe.




The collections’ preciousness is clearly given by the evening gowns and their mix between lace and embroidery. Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo Piccoli perfectly embodied the gold element included in jewelries, shoes and bags.
What I really liked about this collection was the fact that designers chose to let the clothes speak louder than the styling of the models. The models had a very discrete make-up and hairstyle, with hair accessories that further emphasized the gold detail.




Beige embroidery garment accessorized with gold necklace and hair band.




Straight-line green maxi dress.




The classic and stylish black and white combination .




Tribal motifs mini dress.




Black fringe cape exposing embroidered tribal motifs.




Designers’ creativity materialized throughout inspirational prints.




My choice:





Long sleeved mini-dress comprising ethnical details and gold accessories.


All photos are courtesy of Fabio Iona/indgitalimages.com featured in vogue.com

Feature photo courtesy of gratisography.com

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