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Last Thursday, Estilo-Tendances has been invited to the Cocoa Brown Launch event! It was an amazing experience to be invited there and to get to talk to the person who created the whole Cocoa Brown range of products, Marissa Carter. She has been in the beauty industry for about 10 years, before starting the range, she had her first salon opened when she was 21, and had it for 8 years.

After getting a tan at her own salon and knowing that you have to stay 8 hours for it to work its magic on your skin, she wanted to develop a formula that wouldn’t take that long. So this is where the Cocoa Brown self-tanning line started. It is a tanning range that has made it simple, easy and affordable for us to beautify ourselves at home in literally no time at all! It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a “tan extraordinaire” anyone can do it.

Besides this, it smells really nice, compared to most of the tanning products on the market.

The lovely pink invite, came into our e-mail account and we couldn’t be happier to actually be able to attend the event! So there I went, in the (relatively) early moment of morning to see what it is all about, as here, in the UK, you can find these products basically everywhere, and I was dying to try them and understand how they work.

Cocoa Brown Launch Event- inviteThe invitation

I got there pretty early, and I got the chance to talk to Marissa Carter, the lovely creator of the range in person for quite a while, before others started showing up. She is  such a nice and warm person and she made sure she explained in detail how to use her products, as I admit I am a complete newbie to the tanning products. Because everything went wrong with self-tan before, I was not entirely willing to try the products, but I have lest seeing them, and to be honest, the warm pink color they are in is pretty hard to miss. Before she explained everything, I was quite reluctant about the products, especially about trying them on my overly sensitive skin that just kills everything, but after talking to her, I couldn’t wait to get home and try all of them at once!


Cocoa Brown Launch EventA talk with Marissa Carter

As the event was held at the Primo Bar of the Park Plaza Hotel in Waterloo, I have found the location quite exquisite and it was my first visit to that place. Imagine entering a huge hotel with marble floors and then going to their luxuriously looking bar and meeting all these amazing people. It was great! The feel of the event was very friendly and it was extremely nice that she actually took her time to get to know you and to talk to you in person.

Below are her products, which I can admit work wonders. I have one more to try on, The Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan, the latest one she launched on Thursday as I wanted to build up a tiny bit of bronze before trying the darker shade of it.

The one I love the most so far is the Gentle Bronze gradual tanning formula that gives me an amazingly hydrated, gently bronzed skin, perfect for hitting the streets without looking off the beat and over-bronzed. Besides, my skin literally glows after using it!


 Cocoa Brown Launch Event


Each of the people present got a lovely goodie bag, filled with her AMAZING products to try on at home and there were live tweeting and cupcakes involved at the event! It was gorgeous, Marissa Carter is truly a great person and we were more than glad to be there and share this launch with several other beauty bloggers, journalists and writers!


Cocoa Brown Launch EventThe Cocoa Brown lovely goody bags



Cocoa Brown Launch Eventtweet with beauty blogger, Olivia(@FjordBeauty)

All in all, the event was wonderful and we are looking forward to the next one!

Have you tried the products? 

Comment below and tell us what you thought about them!


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