Autumn/Winter 2015 Ready to Wear: Chanel Women’s Collection

//Autumn/Winter 2015 Ready to Wear: Chanel Women’s Collection

Need we say more?

The Chanel runway epitomises fashion week. Whilst we sit and anticipate another glorious Karl Lagerfeld show we feel no need to be reassured that we are awaiting magnificence. Time after time Karl kills it and leads every fashionista into a paradox of the unexpected– he brings something new to each and every season, but like no other.

To define Karl Lagerfeld as a master of his art is simply not enough. He is so much more. Whilst we have seen the Chanel supermarket, Chanel feminism and the Chanel jungle, this season we expected the unexpected and he delivered- something completely Parisian, our favourite. Brasserie Gabrielle incorporated the finest Parisian culture just wait and see.


Autumn/Winter 2015 Ready to Wear: Chanel Women's Collection

We begin with the Brasserie. Monochrome magnificence don’t you agree? From lace detail to ruffles, shoulder pads and bows this Parisian persona is everything of a dream. Karl Lagerfeld always thrives on making a statement, whilst adding another mark on the fashion world. We can all agree that these stunning, delicately detailed pieces paired with those bold brows and accessories are a statement at its very greatest.



Autumn/Winter 2015 Ready to Wear: Chanel Women's Collection

Anyone and everyone know that a Chanel jackets are the ultimate wish list item. This is the world’s most iconic power piece, just ask Hilary Clinton. The Chanel jacket has come a long way and is iconic of the house. It is known for its divine, flattering cut and the many variations we can find it in. Whether laid back and off duty like the baggy gold piece in look three, or structured and tailored that we see Cara Delevingne wearing in look four, this ensemble piece is fail proof. If you ever get the chance, darlings, this is one of the most worthwhile wardrobe investments you can ever buy. Let’s just say it will definitely make it to vintage status- these are life changing and will become your prized possession.


Autumn/Winter 2015 Ready to Wear: Chanel Women's Collection

Whether you are a fashion fanatic or oblivious to trend it is without a doubt that you have heard of the Little Black Dress, the most important creation in fashion history. The Chanel jacket is a pure piece of luxury to add to your wardrobe, but the LBD is a necessity. Whether raiding your wardrobe for an interview or seeking the perfect ensemble for date night, this is always a go to regardless of the occasion. The AW15 Chanel runway journeyed into a new era of modernity with this marvellous piece. Often sleek, sophisticated and fitted Karl decided to work with the exact opposite, defying classic trend. Here we see four variations of the LBD with minimal change amongst each of them. The flowing skirts, diverse necklines and sheer material incorporate all the greatest trends into a timeless piece that can be manipulated to guide you through life.



Autumn/Winter 2015 Ready to Wear: Chanel Women's Collection

You may be guilty of looking the other way as soon as print appears both on the high street or runway; I know I have been in the past however all that has changed. Prints are reaffirming the foundations of fashion today. Rule breaking is an aspect of the past, there is no such thing as mismatch. Even Chanel itself finds itself transgressing with the use of print on next season’s runway. Each season Karl gets that little bit more eccentric and daring with his designs, do you blame him? The pieces are gorgeous and their success is inevitable.

Classic Chanel

Autumn/Winter 2015 Ready to Wear: Chanel Women's Collection

Chanel is everything to the fashion world. Just last week we saw Anna Wintour wearing Chanel couture to the Met Gala amongst an endless list of other starlets. Chanel is known for pushing through boundaries and exceeding expectations whilst incorporating all the iconic trends we admire of the brand. This is one fashion house that truly focuses on the power of women and allow them to express themselves through fashion. Here we are graced with the utter most elegant, sheer sophistication and class.

Once again the AW15 runway was flawless, unsurprisingly.

Karl Lagerfeld makes people talk and has made the Chanel runway the most anticipated of all the fashion weeks. Anything before is forgotten anything after is a mere understatement. All eyes are on this fashion house.

See here the entire AW15 show:

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