Aquamarine Trend For 2014: 8 Ways To Wear It

//Aquamarine Trend For 2014: 8 Ways To Wear It

If a month ago we were just gently touching the water and rocking the boat with a sailor trend, then now we dive deep under the sea with a trend that has Chanel written all over it. This is the time of the season when your mermaid dreams come true without needing to book a hotel room at an underwater resort!

Either following the style of a strong and bold woman of the 1910’s, looking to have a feminine appearance when showing your silhouette like the Flapper women in the 1920’s or feeling elegant with a jewellery driven outfit from the 1930’s, the aquamarine trend is a minimal and eclectic option for both. Are you ready to explore the realm below the surface of the water? Not to plunge headfirst into the watery depths, I have put together guidelines of 8  aspects to follow when choosing aquamarine trend for the grand event of Spring/Summer 2014.

#1. Evening dress

Sea and be seen! There is no better way to stand out from the crowd then wearing sea goddess dress to a wedding or graduation this Spring/Summer 2014. Put up the hair, add a small embellished clutch bag and matching pumps! Add even more colours to your outfit, such as beige, orange or red! You can also see how celebrities like Caitlyn FitzGerald (by Emilia Wickstead) and Lupita Nyong’o (by Gucci) wore the trend on the red carpet to get inspired!

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#2. Over Sized 

When wanting to have a boyish look to a day at the office or smart casual evening out with friends or co-workers, then the aquamarine trend offers us this season’s over-sized blazers and coats to wear with boyfriend jeans or straight cut pleated trousers. Wear basic summer colours to impress with simple style or go tip-to-toe under water with a two piece. Perfect outfit to wear with your peep-toes or dressy sandals that you just bought for the summer! Looking for a little more daring sporty outfit? Try over-sized dress or jeans with suspenders to mix aquamarine with this upcoming trend with stylish and colourful sneakers!

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3. Ladylike Summer Dress

Having a sunny day off with your friends or going for an ice cream with your date and wanting to show off a more fragile, feminine side of your wardrobe is when it is the perfect time to put on the summer dress! Men have been waiting the whole spring to see you wearing this ladylike pearl that allows you to show off your sun kissed skin! Wear it with peep-toe flats or try high-heels with socks to follow the sporty trend of this season. Choose accessories depending on the mood of the outfit and the cut of the dress.

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#4. Modern patterns and prints

Trends come and go and come back again! The aquamarine trend has its roots, as many other trends, far in the past. This spring/summer season modern touch reaches even deep under the water. Designers are using patterns and prints that have been on the catwalks decades ago, but add a contemporary feeling to them. Dark blue modest coral prints, sailor trends stripes and 1960’s squares are the modern patterns that help you to wear the vintage prints and patterns with a modern twist to the outfit.



#5. Sequin shining

Looking to shine under the sun or on a night out, the aquamarine trend offers this spring/summer silky dresses and blazers in light, greyish blue colour. Be careful when choosing such a shining garment since it brings out every extra pound. Play around with the cut of the dress or choose strong contrasting colours for the clutch bag, shoes or lipstick to draw the attention to other parts of the outfit. The perfect way to try trendy madness – wearing a nightgown such as pyjama or silky dress with lace.



#6. Bold Cut

Every girl should, by now, have a pencil skirt and a crop cut top in their wardrobe! Aquamarine (mix of light blue, green and clear) is the perfect colour to wear these two pieces together in the spring/summer season. Try tiered pencil skirt to give your outfit that mermaid look that you have always been dreaming about! Prefer more boyish look, choose pleated straight trousers with stripes. When two piece outfit choices are not your cup of tea, then the combination of these two pieces will give you a perfect opportunity to mix colours and different garments! See colour wheel for ideas! Choice of shoes and garments depend again on the mood of the outfit you want to pull. Also be considerate about the patterns and prints on the pieces!

image1xxl (5)

#7. Accessories

With every trend, there are beautiful bags and accessories to try out to add that pearl to your outfit! This season designers have followed Chanel back to the roots for inspiration like they did Spring/Summer 2012. The aquamarine trend bags matched with golden accessories or pearls is the ultimate ladylike choice that suits absolutely every mood, style and outfit in the spring/summer season! Aquamarine gives you limitless options between the blue sea and intense sky.


image1xxl (7)

#8. Make-up And Nails

When feeling modest to wear the trend as an outfit or quite the opposite wishing to finish it with matching make/up and nails, then aquamarine is an amazing choice for the spring/summer season. It suits perfectly with your tanned or pale skin! Think aquamarine for make-up and/or nails when wearing denim, pastel colours, black and white or orange and red to add this sizzle to your look.

image1xxl (8)

image1xxl (9)

So remember that with aquamarine the sky is the limit for this colour trend and there is an ocean wide of options for beautiful ladylike or boyish outfit ideas!

Do you want to adopt the aquamarine trend?

Comment below and let us know if these guidelines are helpful to you! Thank you!

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