8 Comfy Toms Shoes

//8 Comfy Toms Shoes

Toms, are AMAZING! I mean, who doesn’t love shoes? How can you possibly not love them?

They are comfortable, cute, super easy to wear and they weigh literally nothing. In one word: PERFECT! And also, someone definitely needs to stop me from buying them!

Besides my true love for these shoes, here are some facts about them:

Toms is a for-profit company based in Santa Monica, California, that was founded by Blake Mycoskie in 2006. The shoes are based on the Argenitinian alpargata shoe design, worn by polo players in Argentina. Blake participated in the second season of The Amazing Race and went on to revisit Argentina on vacation, when he noticed that polo players were wearing these types of shoes, but also that they were originally worn by Argentinian farmers for hundreds of years before this. During that same trip, he noticed that many children were constantly seen running barefoot, and so, he decided to create this company. As he saw that the lack of shoes was a constant problem in the developing countries, he came up with the idea to create TOMS, and for every shoe sold, there is one new pair of shoes provided for someone in need.

After taking the idea of the shoes from Argentinian manufacturers, he initially started his company with only 250 pairs of shoes, and as of May 2006 they were officially selling. After they have got coverage in the Los Angeles Times, their company received orders that would sum up to 9 times the available stock, while in the first 6 months they have sold 10,000 pairs and in October of 2006, the first TOMS were dispatched in developing countries.

The name of the brand comes from the word “tomorrow” and their slogan is TOMS:

“Shoes of tomorrow” !


In 2007, the company launched an annual “One day without shoes” event, where people literally walk 1 full day without shoes, in order to raise awareness for the lack of shoes in developing countries, as well as the impact this can have on people.

It is an AMAZING business idea, as it created a new concept, the “one for one” business, as for each pair of TOMS sold somewhere in the world, there is a free pair dispatched to someone in need. It is a really interesting point raised by the founder of this company, as you would not think what big impact the lack of shoes can have. It can lead to infections, cuts, children might not be able to go to school and many other reasons why you should help, by buying a lovely pair of shoes!

In this article, we will be offering you 8 Comfy Toms shoes you can wear, as they have too many options when you go and buy them and we want to help.

#1: The Classic

The classic, is a one tone coloured pair of TOMS. They come in a lot of colors and shades and the canvas in really wonderful. It keeps your feet protected, but they are more than comfortable and can be worn a whole day without even feeling that you actually have them in your feet.



The Classic in Blue



The Classic in Black

I call it the classic, mostly because it comes in a single color all over, not because the others differ as a model.

#2- TOMS in Bloom

We present to you the lovely flowery TOMS, perfect for the remaining spring and well into summer! We love these as they look happy, cute and girly and we would wear them all the time!




Black and White flowery TOMS



Exotic TOMS 

#3- TOMS in Crazy Prints

Both the pairs of TOMS below are from the Jonathan Adler x TOMS collection! I haven’t mentioned before, but, yes, they collaborate with designers for prints, and they usually have movie inspired shoes as well, but we will get to that later.






Talking about prints, you should read about How To Wear Tribal Trend!

#4- TOMS that shine

Yep, there are TOMS that shine, literally in your feet. These beautifully sequined/shiny TOMS are perfect for a night out when it is a little bit chilly for sandals, and you do not feel like wearing heels. Perfect to get your outfit on the radar!



TOMS in Ivory sequins



TOMS that shine in colour

#5- Crocheted TOMS

These ones are a feist to the eyes. They are just so pretty you’d want them in any color you could get them! And ombré, please!







Crocheted TOMS in various colours

#6- Movie TOMS

These ones are the TOMS shoes inspired by movies. They had Hunger Games, Frozen, Despicable Me and what not as an inspiration for their lovely collections. SO, if you feel you are enough of a fan, TOMS has them all.



Beauty and the Beast on TOMS



The Dark Knight inspired TOMS

#7- Connecting TOMS

These ones are definitely among my favorites! The reason why I like these so much is because of the fact that they don’t look perfectly the same, and because when you put them together they connect. And they look amazing!





#8- Tie-dye TOMS

Hippie is the new chic, and tie-dye was their thing for sure. So, may the peace be with you and take your tie-dye TOMS with you!

8 Comfy Toms Shoes


Colourful tie-dye TOMS



Blue tie-dye TOMS

Did I mention that they also make sandals?



How did you like our take on TOMS? 

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Photo credits: toms.com

Feature image: unsplash.com

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