8 Swimsuits For Plus Size Women You Should Check Out This Year

//8 Swimsuits For Plus Size Women You Should Check Out This Year
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How do you feel when it’s time to slip into some summer fun? Do you cringe at the thought of your swimsuit collection? Or do you do a happy dance into a cloud of sunscreen?

We hope the latter is your go-to form of celebration. This is the time of year when the best memories are made. In order to get you feeling confident and comfortable, we’ve compiled a list of the top eight swimsuits for plus size women.

We can almost guarantee there’s something in here to make you–and all the boys–swoon. So, grab your icy cold margarita and let’s go shopping!

The Monif C Halter

In a list of top swimsuits for plus size women, we simply had to start with the Monif C Halter Swimsuit. Hopefully, it’s still available by the time you join us for this little shopping spree. What you’ll find here is an electric pink that will turn heads from sea to shining sea.

It features that same shade of pink along the halter, as well as two beautiful swatches of material that hang on either side of the suit for some unique and flowing detail.

Ready for the balance of those two gorgeous swatches of material? This suit showcases a deeply plunging neckline. So, if you’re brave enough, be bold enough!

Eloquii One-Piece

Eloquii is a remarkable brand that caters to women sizes 14 – 28. They take a lot of care in the quality of their material, so we’re big fans. Interestingly, they’ve taken horizontal stripes and made them a-okay for plus size women.

This suit, in particular, features nautical-inspired stripes that all but beckon for the nearest shoreline. But, here’s where Eloquii really gets it right. Many of their suits are made with heavyweight tricot fabric which creates comfortable shaping for your gorgeous and enviable silhouette.

Lane Bryant Flounce Bikini

Who doesn’t love to flounce? We’re absolutely obsessed with the Lane Bryant off-the-shoulder flounce bikini with a built-in bandeau bra. It screams old Hollywood glamour, a style that will always be trending.

Its checkered look features gorgeous detail along the waistband where the fabric cross-crosses in the back to keep our booties poppin’.

But, the flounce is where it’s at. With a soft, flowing texture, you’re bound to feel tucked in and comfortable in all the right places. A couple convertible straps come with this beauty queen for some additional styling options.

Kenneth Cole High-Neck Swimsuit

This Kenneth Cole swimsuit reminded us of the monokini madness taking over the nation. According to our friends over at Orchid boutique, monokinis continue to be a fan-favorite this summer and Kenneth Cole makes a play on this style with their fitted one-piece.

The ruched bodice and cups lead to a slim keyhole at the front, serving up just a little peek of skin. This beauty comes in black, electric pink, and sea blue, so take your pick and then strut your stuff.

ASOS Curve Mesh Insert Halter

If the Monif C halter was a little too much skin for you, we have a lovely alternative. The ASOS Curve Halter features a deep sea plunge, too, but you’ll be protected by a fine layer of mesh material. This way, you can flaunt it without giving too much away.

You’ll also enjoy a comfortable, low-scoop back and beautiful halter tie in the back. We trust this suit will give you the confidence to go out there and own the summer because the ASOS Curve collection is known for its lovely line of fitted clothing.

Becca Etc. One-Piece Crochet Swimsuit

Okay. Now that we’ve covered mesh, it’s time to get our crochet on. This Becca Etc. piece is full of stunning detail that will make you the Ocean City standout of the summer.

It features peekaboo crochet that mimics a plunging neckline and two little pops of midriff. (Not to bury the lead or anything, but this is definitely one of our favorite swimsuits for plus size women.)

While allowing you to feature little pops of skin, you’re also locked in tight, given all the benefits of a one-piece swimsuit.

This baby ties at the back and features some adjustable straps. We absolutely adore this swimsuit and find it to be a necessary addition to any summer wardrobe. With a sheer little cover-up tied around your waist, you’ll be glamourous at its finest.

Torrid Tie Front Skater One-Piece

If you like a little coverage around your upper thighs, this Torrid One-Piece Swimsuit has your name written all over it. It’s got to be one of the highest-quality swimsuits for plus size women.

Let’s start at the top. The sweetheart neckline features a tie-front, allowing you to tastefully display the ladies. At the same time, a flared skirt overlay makes this about as figure-flattering as they come.

It’s part of Torrid’s “Vixen Swim Collection”, in case we’re not being clear about how saucy this little number is. The convertible straps allow you to play with all sorts of criss-cross action in the back and the optional push-up pads don’t hurt a thing.

One thing to note: you’ll find yourself squeezing this sexy one-piece over your hips but that’s only because this is shapewear at its finest. Don’t size up! You’ll love the silhouette this baby creates just as soon as it’s on.

Eloquii Swimsuit with Ruffle Shoulder

We’ve flounced, we’ve haltered, and now it’s time to ruffle. This gorgeous one-piece from Eloquii features an adorable ladybug design, atop shades of summer blue and white. The nylon/spandex material creates a form-fitting silhouette, topped off by some lovely shoulder flounce.

If you can master some sexy beach waves in your hair, the flounce on these shoulders will look all the more captivating. Have fun with this one, ladies; she’s artsy and colorful, as every summer should be.

All Our Favorite Swimsuits for Plus Size Women

We hope you’ve found some inspiration in this little shopping spree! What better way to glow under the summer sun than with a swimsuit from a line called “Vixen Swimwear”?

Here at Estilo Tendances, we’re all about feeling happy, beautiful, and stylish. And, since the three go hand in hand, we’re always staying up to date on the latest fashion trends and health and wellness tips.

So, pour another margarita and spend some time with us. No matter where this summer takes you, we hope you continue to fall in love with your summer wardrobe.

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