Essential Shoes For Women: 8 Types You Should Own

//Essential Shoes For Women: 8 Types You Should Own

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly”

These are the iconic Coco Chanel’s words of wisdom (read more fashion quotes here). We can have an incredible dress, outstanding jewelry or even a mesmerizing bag, but the shoes are the ones catching the eyes of the audience. I have to admit I am a shoe addict, and I think I’m not the only one around here. Not a few times happen to me that someone entering into my apartment asking “How many girls are living here?” after seeing only a small part of “my collection”. Maybe I inherited this from my mother, who is also a big fan of these awesome “feet jewelry”, or maybe the love for fashion inspired me to pay so much attention to my shoes.

If you ask any woman, she’ll never say that such a thing as “shoes essential” exists. Every pair of shoes you see in the store becomes immediately “essential” for you, since it blends incredibly with the new dress you just acquired, or the skirt you haven’t bought yet, but you plan to. There are never enough shoes to satisfy our fashion appetite, but there surely are some types that are crucial for any real fashionista!

Here’s my list of 8 essential shoes for women

#1 Ballet Flats

Nude ballet flats are perfect for any casual outfit

Please agree with me when I say that these are the best inventions when it comes to comfortable shoes! They are the saving miracle on the days we have to run across the whole city or when we are doing our favorite activity, shopping! You can practically mix&match them with any garment within you closet, from flawless dresses to shorts and a plain T-shirt. It doesn’t matter the chromatic palette you are wearing as long as you own a pair of black or nude ballet flats!


#2 Black Stilettos

We all were, even though they can be painfully uncomfortable, stiletto shoes are the ones that save our outfit whenever we have to adopt a sartorial style. The best-known stiletto heels are the “red souls” designed by the shoe genius Christian Louboutin and are the type of shoes any girl craves at while celebrities are mad about them!

olivia palermo- 8 Essential Types of Shoes

Olivia Palermo looking awesome in her black stilettos!

Found on Zimbio via

TIP: Wear them with a pair of straight/baggy jeans for a casual look!


#3 Nude Pumps


They are synonym with style and elegance and they shouldn’t miss from your shoe closet! During the day with an easygoing look, or in the evening at a special event, the nude pumps will never go out of fashion!

#4 Under-the-knee Boots

Boots are one of my favorite type of shoes and I couldn’t write this list of essential shoes for women without mentioning them. It is said that a woman never owns too many pairs of boots! You want them in every color and style, to go perfectly with any coat and bag you have. The under-the-knee boots are the type of “must-have” accessory and it is interpreted season after season in million ways.

TIP 1: For a simple and catchy outfit: pleated white skirt, black sweater and suede under-the-knee boots. Lovely!

TIP 2: You can choose from a large variety of colors and fabrics from the classical black/brown leather boots to the colorful rain boots!

Under the knee Boots- 8 Essential Types of Shoes

Brown high heel boots and powder pink skirt

Found on Refinedstylefashion


This is what I call an amazing raining-day outfit!

Found on Chictopia


#5 Sneakers Love

Beside the fact that are the most comfortable type of shoes, they became incredibly popular lately. If Lagerfeld accessorized his designs on the Chanel SS14 Couture Show with sneakers, then there’s no doubt about them. You have a wide range of models choose from, starting with the classic Converse and ending with the ones by Giuseppe Zanotti.

Sneakers- 8 Essential Types of Shoes

Every-day outfit: sneakers blend with every item in your closet

Found on SincerelyJules

TIP: For an outstanding look, try to mix an elegant dress with a pair of cool sneaker!

Elegant dress and Sneakers- 8 Essential Types of Shoes

Printed dress and white Converse sneakers

Found on Justthedesign

#6 Suede Ankle Boots

There’s no doubt suede ankle boots are an all-time-favorite of any woman. They look amazing in all sort of combination, especially with summerish dresses and a hat! You don’t believe me? Just check this out:


Pale pink summer dress accessorized with suede ankle boots and a cool handbag

Dark ankle boots with printed mini skirt and biker jacket

#7 Flat Sandals

Essential shoes for women? What about flat sandals? I wouldn’t see myself during summer without a pair of these beauties.

They are essential shoe items on the hot summer days when everything you want to put on is a breezy dress that makes your silhouette look statuesque. You can choose from classical colors to really bright ones and, of course, the metallic beauties that are really en vogue lately.

flat sandals

These Roman printed pale pink flat sandals look amazing!


In the summer, it’s compulsory to play with colors!

#8 The ones that make you look phenomenal

the higher the

Now we are talking about every woman’s dream – those designer (or not) high heels that look criminal and catch all the attention wherever you go! They are whether unique, having hand-made details or just make your feet look amazing, but doubtless they look more as some kind of jewelry than a pair of shoes! These are some of my “crushes”:

Gianmarco Lorenzi Shoes- 8 Essentail Types of Shoes

Gianmarco Lorenzi butterfly-shape beauties

Special Shoes- 8 Essential Types of Shoe

The heel makes the difference!

Found on Dailyshoe

Turquoise, black and white is an astonishing combination!

Ermanno 2014 Shoes- 8 Essential Type of Shoes

Golden shoes are a must!

Found on Style Bistro

Do you own all types essential shoes for women? If not, you need to change that priority list and include some shopping!

Comment below and let us know your own essential type of shoes!

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