10 Current and Fabulous Jewelry Styles to Look Out For

//10 Current and Fabulous Jewelry Styles to Look Out For
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Jewelry trends, just like clothing and shoes, ebb and flow as the years pass. Think back to the jewelry of the 80s: huge plastic lightening earrings were in then, but perhaps not so much now.

But if you’re anything like most people, it can be hard to keep up with the seemingly ever-changing jewelry trends. We are going to make it easy for you: let’s look at 10 of the most popular new jewelry trends of 2018.

These trends can help you spice up any modern outfit and k

1. Asymmetrical Jewelry

Asymmetry is in right now with almost everything: one shoulder tops and dresses, shirts cut down the middle with two different patterns, and especially with jewelry.

Different length pairs of earrings, necklaces that hand askew, mismatched bracelets on each arm, etc. Matching sets of rings, earrings, and other jewelry aren’t as hip as mismatched ones anymore.

You can buy purposefully asymmetrical jewelry, or try out mismatching stuff you have yourself. You can also try out wearing a single earring, which is also coming back into style for more people than just the guy from your hometown who’s a tattoo artist now.

This is an awesome trend for those of us on a budget. You don’t necessarily have to shell out a bunch of money on new jewelry to keep up with this trend; simply use jewelry pieces you already have to create an overall asymmetrical look.

2. Leaf Designs

Jewelry featuring leaf designs are also in. Whether that’s earrings, rings, bracelets, or necklaces, anything with leaves or a woodsy vibe are 100% in right now.

Chanel created a whole line with this in mind: even the runway was covered in leaves. This nature inspiration has spread from clothes to jewelry, which means leaves are definitely “in”.

3. Statement Earrings

In past years, large statement necklaces have been the hot trend. As we move into 2018, the statement pieces have moved to earrings.

These could be huge chunky earrings, extra large hoops, earrings that spiral and move with stones, or even huge woven earrings like the ones shown at the Loewe 2018-2019 fashion show.

“Statement earrings” is somewhat vague on purpose, since so many styles and types of earrings can make a large statement. The key to this trend is choosing earrings that are unique, voluminous, bright, and bold. The rest is up to you.

4. Anklets

This 90s trend is coming back in a big way. You probably won’t see the twine ones you made at summer camp in 1995, but you will start seeing dainty and high fashion anklet options throughout 2018, especially for the upcoming warm months.

Most of the trendy anklet options are going to be made of metals, usually silver. These add the perfect amount of sparkle to a spring/summer sundress or a beachy boho outfit.

5. Extra Chunky Bangles

Bangles have been in for what seems like all of the 2010s, but the twist this year is the chunkier the better. Layer up almost your whole forearm with huge, chunky bangles for an interesting and trendy look.

If you really want to follow the trends, try wearing these bangles over long sleeve tops and sweaters. This high fashion look walked the runway for numerous designers, and that look can easily be yours as well.

6. Translucent Accessories

See through clothes and accessories were a hit at this year’s fashion week. We’re talking translucent raincoats, boots, shirts, and even pants.

This trend spread to jewelry as well. We’re talking clear plastic, lucite, crystals, and even glass. This could be in the form of any jewelry, but it’s very popular in rings and earrings especially.

These add a delicate touch to any outfit. Since they’re clear as well, they will go with almost any style and color of your outfit, making this trend versatile and accessible for almost everybody.

7. Torc Necklaces

You’re probably asking yourself, “what the heck is a torc?” Torcs are similar to choker necklaces, but they’re stiff, rigid, and metallic. We know we started off this post talking about a style from the 80s not being relevant anymore, but in the case of the torc, the 80s are making a comeback.

These types of necklaces are highly industrial looking, which makes them a statement, but their minimalist design makes them highly modern as well. They pair well with metallic themed outfits as well as with minimalist outfits.

8. Brooches

You might think that brooches are reserved for your 90-year-old aunt Susan, and before this year you might’ve been right.

But 2018 is seeing the comeback of brooches. You’ll see a lot of people rocking both contemporary and vintage brooches on their jackets, hats, or shirt collars.

This is another awesome trend that is accessible for everyone. Sure, you can now buy designer brooches. You can also find affordable ones on the SuperJeweler website. Or, you could go to your local thrift store and get one for less than 5 dollars. Your choice!

9. Extra Long Earrings

If you think back to the idea of statement earrings, then this trend might not be a total surprise. Studs are a thing of the past with this trend.

Earrings that reach to, or even past, your shoulders are now common and cool. Be careful if you have long hair: if these earrings get tangled, that could be a huge problem!

10. Body Jewelry

While all jewelry technically is worn on your body, this trend refers to jewelry that adorns less common areas on your body like your arms, your chest, your wrists, etc.

This trend is especially great for summer. They can add a dainty and delicate feel to an outfit, especially when paired with flowy spring and summer tops and dresses. Also, warm weather means more skin is exposed, which means there’s more room for body jewelry.

The New Jewelry Trends of 2018: Wrapping Up

Well, there you have it. 10 new jewelry trends of 2018. New trends are always fun to incorporate into your existing style along with your existing jewelry collection. Try using some of your old pieces with some new ones to spice up your outfits.

Need some help with styling your outfits with these new trends? Check out our other articles on fashion and style!

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