6 of the Most Stylish Baggy Tees

//6 of the Most Stylish Baggy Tees
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Baggy shirts are a great look for any woman who wants something sexy, casual, and always comfortable to wear. If you want to get dressed in a hurry, but still wear something that makes you look in fashion while you go about your day, find a baggy shirt.

You don’t need to look a certain way or be a particular size to make the most of this cute and fun look. In fact, it looks great no matter what time of year or where you live in the world.

Here are six styles of shirts that need to make their way to your closet today.

A V-Neck Shirt That Makes You Feel Femmine

If you love the look of baggy shirts but want to feel feminine at the same time, you can do both. Choose a shirt with a v-neck, and show off your upper body.

You’ll feel comfortable in a loser fit, while still leaving plenty to the imagination. These types of shirts look good when you’re out running errands, picking the kids up from school, going to the grocery store, or grabbing lunch with a friend.

You’ll never worry about feeling like you’re overdressed but still feel like a woman. Unlike plain shirts, you’ll love going out with a hint of casual and sexy at the same time.

Stretchy Baggy Shirts Cover it All

Leggings lovers know that when it comes to wearing your favorite pants, you want something that covers most of your body. You might not feel comfortable wearing your favorite pair of leggings if your shirt isn’t long enough to cover the upper part of your legs.

You don’t need to worry when you have baggy shirts that cover some of your lower area, yet still, allow you to show off your style. If you wear leggings, chances are you have an active lifestyle that involves running errands, hitting the gym, and coming back home for a jog.

If you want something you can wear all day long and know you look good, opt for a stretchy shirt. You’ll feel comfortable and have plenty of breathing room while knowing if you’re ready to take a hike or hit the gym, there’s no reason to change.

Something Goofy You Can Wear at Home

If you come alive on the weekends and look forward to expressing yourself in a fun and silly way, you need to cut loose on the weekends. Find at least one goofy shirt that you can’t wear to work, and designate it as your weekend wear.

Choose from graphic tees with sayings that border or funny or even might raise a few eyebrows. Consider having a few pieces that let your personality shine through.

You might even strike up a conversation or meet someone new! Best of all, you’ll have a favorite piece that sums up the real you perfectly.

Boyfriend Style Shirts That Fit Like His But Look Great on You

If you have a boyfriend (or even if you don’t), you know how much fun it is to imitate a man’s style. Classic and comfy baggy shirts that look great on him but are oh-so-relaxing to wear on you.

If a laid-back boyfriend style sounds like you, check out and find a great look that you’ll feel comfortable in. The fact that it’s not totally feminine is part of the charm and makes it look like you’re just relaxing.

Perfect for weekends, lounging around the house, working on the yard, or even sleeping in, the boyfriend shirt is a popular favorite that every woman should have even if she’s single.

Go Off the Shoulder Like It’s 1989

If you love the look of vintage t-shirts, think about getting baggy shirts that have an off the shoulder look. This is a fun and casual way of expressing yourself and feeling sexy, while still appropriate enough to run to the store.

Although many people associate the ’80s with outlandish looks, you can invoke the fun and unique fashion sense of this decade with a throwback shirt that still looks modern. You won’t need to worry about looking perfectly fit either, since these shirts reveal a little bit of skin, while still providing coverage if your body is a work in progress.

Live a little and have fun with a fun shirt that looks great n both casual and dressy settings, no matter what year it is.

A Casual Shirt That Goes with Anything

A casual shirt that looks good with anything can never be underestimated. Look for something slightly fitted, and see how easy it is to look great in a combination of clothing items.

Pair your casual shirt with skirts and ballet slippers, or jeans or cut off shorts. If you choose a shirt that has a feminine cut, you’ll find pairing it with different combinations creates a fun and easy look, helping you get ready in a matter of minutes.

Depending on where you work, you can even wear your shirt to the office on a casual Friday, as long as you follow company dress code.

Casual shirts never go out of style, so consider getting a couple once you find a style that resonates with you. You’ll go through them quickly, and wish you had one for every day of the week.

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Looking your best has never been easier or more casual, thanks to the new style of baggy shirts. You can wear them with just about anything, and find them in a variety of styles, from feminine v-necks to boyfriend shirts that work for lounging at home.

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