5 Tips for a Stunning DIY Kitchen Remodel

//5 Tips for a Stunning DIY Kitchen Remodel
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So many of us have a bucket list of travel destinations we’d love to see. But sometimes we neglect to beautify our house and make the most of every moment spent at home.

One of the best ways to update your home and bring affordable luxury as close as your countertops is a DIY kitchen remodel.

Plus, with the real estate market at stunning highs, the investment in your home is sure to pay off in the long run. Last year saw the most existing home sales in a decade.

But before you head to the store and start buying those dream kitchen essentials it’s time to plan. Follow these tips for a great DIY kitchen remodel.

1. Make a Wishlist

Because of all the incredible options for your new kitchen, it can get overwhelming fast. Whether you have your eyes on quartz countertops or a set of smart appliances, start a wish list.

Putting things down on paper will help you prioritize as you plan the project.

2. Start Small

If you made your wishlist it might be time to consider the disruption to your life and kitchen while you perform a remodel project. The good news is that starting small might make a much bigger change than you could have imagined.

Not every kitchen remodel needs to be major. Just updating lighting, appliances, and surfaces will make a dramatic shift in appearance.

Don’t forget that your kitchen is most likely the center of your home. It’s where we gather and socialize and eat. Starting small will lessen the disruption.

3. Be Energy Efficient

Purchasing new appliances should include considering the energy efficiency of each upgrade. Planning for your energy savings while funding your remodel might make things more affordable.

We love saving money while getting a more beautiful space. The same holds true for everything you buy for your DIY kitchen remodel.

4. Don’t Break the Bank

If you are setting out to perform a DIY kitchen project you definitely want to keep things under budget. But with all the great choices and options for technology and design, the costs can add up fast.

Don’t be afraid to use Facebook, Craigslist, and other forums to find the best deals. Some DIY renovations include a strategy of storage and shopping around to score the best deals on the most cutting edge remodel.

Hunt for bargains and don’t break the bank.

5. Make Your DIY Kitchen Remodel Personal

We spend hours finding the perfect outfit or deciding on the right look for us each season. The same level of care needs to go into your kitchen remodel to make it successful.

More than anything, make sure your DIY kitchen remodel reflects your unique sense of style. Knowing the latest trends and technology is one part of your planning.

The other part is matching these ideas to your own design style. Remember, this is your kitchen and home– you should love the results!

But what if you aren’t sure what that style is? Make sure to read our tips and tricks for finding your favorite interior design styles

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