5 Home Design and Decor Trends You Should Be Following

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The home decor market continues to grow even when the overall economy does not. Design information can be found anywhere these days. There are television shows, magazines, and even blogs dedicated to home improvement.

It can be difficult mixing your personal style with current trends when so much information is available.

Are you looking to change up your home’s decor? Unsure where to start? Read below for five home design and decor trends that will bring new life to any room.

1. Try Exploring Terracotta

The warm feeling that comes with terracotta is the primary reason the style has become popular again. Terracotta is an option for those of us who are tired of the heavily popular white or gray cool-toned home design and decor.

Terracotta accents have evolved since the 80s. You can now find matte finishes in a variety of products, including tile, pots, and other decorative pieces.

Consider adding a malm fireplace to increase a room’s warm and cozy feelings. If you’re looking to add some more color, consider using terracotta pots with bright green plants and other flowers. These pots can easily be embellished using twine or paint to better fit your space.

2. Cork It Up

If you don’t like the idea of using terracotta but still want to warm up your space, consider bringing cork into your home.

Cork has a number of practical uses, which include absorbing noise in large houses. This would be helpful for children’s playrooms or a child that is learning an instrument like drums.

If you work from home, cork decor can also greatly benefit your productivity. Covering a portion of a wall in cork will allow you to post notes and easily see any tasks you need to get done in one glance. Corkboard wall calendars can be a helpful tool in organizing a family’s busy schedule.

3. A Place to Get Away

A trend that’s popular right now is creating a place to escape and relax within your house. People use these almost secretive spaces to take breaks from using computers, cell phones, and other technology.

These spaces usually have relaxed furniture, soft lighting, and chunky rugs. If you’re furnishing a get-away space, be sure to choose a proper sofa to achieve the perfect vibe.

4. Think Texture

Using texture is one way to provide interest to otherwise bland rooms. One example of this is using pleated accent pillows on a smooth loveseat.

Upholstered headboards are another way to introduce texture. These can include metal nail accents or tufts creating visible indents. Such things are common in hotels and can add a sense of grandeur to any bedroom.

Do you have a large wall and are unsure how to fill it? Try shopping for textured art pieces to add another dimension. Use multiple pieces to create a professional looking wall of art.

5. Wallpaper

Many people are afraid of wallpaper, but it can be a cheap and impactful design element. It’s also an alternative to expensive and bulky tile. Try using it in a kitchen as a backsplash for a unique and personalized accent.

Metalic wallpaper is popular right now. With the right print, this can add sophistication and life to any space.

Whimsical or abstract patterns would be well-suited for a nursery. More formal patterns like stripes would bring life and brightness to any dining room.

Final Home Design and Decor Notes

Now that you know five of the top home design and decor trends you’re ready to get started. Pick a room and get decorating.

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