5 Tips on how to Make High Heels Comfortable

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Oh, high heels. Sigh. Those necessary evils that lengthen our bodies and add elegance to every step we take.

Breaking up with heels isn’t an option, as the most powerful icons continue to wear them. If you’re anything like me, were you to post your relationship with high heels on Facebook it would read “It’s Complicated”.

There’s good news in our battle against the heel: they don’t have to hurt. There are a few tips and tricks that every lady or drag queen needs to know to stay comfortable all night/show long.

There’s no reason to sacrifice those extra inches and go for your flats or the basic granny-two-inch option. There are in fact comfortable heels.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Break Them In

This might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many ladies step out in brand new heels for extended hours of time because they just can’t wait to sport their new set.

A new pair can be exhilarating, but don’t wear them out for the first time to a holiday party or concert where you’ll be on your feet all night. Start slow and break them in little by little. Wear them to dinner once, and then to the theater for a night where you’ll break up your walking with sitting.

Once the shoes are broken in, you can take them for your long-awaited spin on the disco dance floor for the ultimate shoe wow.

2. Wear Insoles for Comfortable Heels

Insole technology in 2017 can almost make any pair of heels into comfortable heels. They are a true godsend if you have to wear them at work all day long (and by have to, I mean want to).

There are many shock-absorbent hypoallergenic foam options that slip inside your favorite pair of stilettos and turn them into comfortable heels. You can now take your Beyonce tilt-walk all around the city without being in pain.

3. Use Talcum Powder

Simply dust your feet with a little of this magic white powder before putting your heels on every morning. This will eliminate the painful rubbing your heels sometimes perform on your feet.

Using the powder will help make for a comfortable heels day because it will help you avoid blisters and skin tears. When it comes to foot preservation, a little talcum goes a long way.

4. Nail Check

Yes, we love to have our nails pretty and pedicured and sometimes long. However, this isn’t a good option for heel wearing. Keep your toenails trimmed.

Wearing heels when your toenails are too long can create major issues. Avoid rubbing or squashed toes by keeping your nails short.

5. The Supermodel Secret

Hey, it works for them. Try taping your third and fourth toes together. Supermodels claim that it balances the weight over your feet.

This might not work for your favorite pair of open-toed heels, unless of course, you want a great conversation starter. Taping your toes together will help keep your comfortable in your heels while looking stylish and chic.

Attention Grabber

Heels are a fierce call to attention for any stylish woman. With these simple tips and tricks, you no longer have to sacrifice comfort to look great.

From old-age painful corsets to modern uncomfortable heels, women have been making painful sacrifices for too long.

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