5 Reasons Why Women Should Consider Playing the Lottery

//5 Reasons Why Women Should Consider Playing the Lottery
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Would you like to have a few hundred million dollars?

The dream became a reality for Mavis Wanczyk of Chicopee Massachusetts. On August of 2017, Mavis won the Powerball jackpot. At the time the jackpot was a staggering $758.7 million. She was able to quit her job of 32 years and start living her dreams.

Playing the lottery is a great way to make your dreams come true. You don’t have to be a winner to enjoy the thrill of playing. Find out why you should become the next Powerball millionaire and how you can do it!

1. Playing the Lottery Feels Good

Playing the lottery can be one of the easiest investments you’ll ever make. To begin with, your mind will start to envision what it would be like to win. When you imagine yourself as a winner you experience good feelings in real life.

Did you know that the way you feel impacts how you view the world? Your thoughts are fueled by your feelings, and good ones can energize and inspire you. Considering a lottery ticket can cost two dollars or less, it makes sense to invest in feeling good.

What Are Your Dreams?

It’s important for women to take the time to realize their financial dreams. For most woman, there are three common financial goals, they are:

  • Financial security
  • Travel (or other recreational activity)
  • Give (to family members or charities)

While you read this article, ask yourself what your financial goals look like. Do you want to know that all of your bills are paid? Do you feel alive when you think about taking a vacation? Who would you like to help financially in your life? Really imagine how you would feel the moment you won, and what you would do with your winnings.

You’ll notice a good feeling emerge as you envision all of your goals and dreams coming true.

2. Why Play the Lottery?

You should only play the lottery for one reason, to have fun!

You will have the most fun when you throw away any and all negative feelings. Do you feel guilty about spending money on gambling? A lot of women feel guilty when it comes to self-indulgence. Instead of feeling bad you lost be happy you were able to play.

It can help to think about your game play as a way to treat yourself. Being a little selfish can help reenergize you for the other areas of your life. Playing the lottery is a way to reward yourself without having to spend a lot of energy or time.

Buying a lottery ticket is a lot like buying yourself a serving of your favorite ice cream. You don’t have a physical thing to show for your expense, but you had fun. You deserve to enjoy doing the things you find fun.

3. How to Play the Lottery Responsibly

One method for responsible playing is to limit your spending. Only spend money on one or two tickets at a time. This way if you lose you won’t have too much disappointment.

It’s important to keep your lottery play fun and exciting. You should never feel any type of stress or anxiety over the money you spend on the lottery. If you start to experience any negative feelings, consider taking a break.

Usually, negative feelings around gambling can occur if you think you’re overspending. Avoid feeling bad and set a limit to the amount you’re allowed to spend every week. Remind yourself that you will probably lose more than you win.

4. Know Your Powerball Odds

On poker television, they use a term called, “pot odds”. The pot odds let a player know if they should place a bet. When there’s enough money in the pot to call a bet, the odds would be in their favor.

Before you play any type of lottery you should first find out the prize amount. When you know the prize amount you can determine if it’s worth it to play. For example, if the Powerball ticket costs $1 and the jackpot is $1 million, the odds justify placing a bet and buying your ticket.

Of course, the odds aren’t in your favor when it comes to winning. However, in this case, the ends justify the means. If you lose you’ll only be out $1 yet if you win you’ll more than make up for it. Even if you only win a small prize, like $50 or $100, you can still walk away a winner.

5. What Is the Powerball?

Playing the Powerball means you have multiple chances to win. Even if you aren’t the jackpot winner you can still walk away with a nice chunk of change. One of the biggest appeals of the Powerball is the way the winnings roll over.

If there isn’t a Powerball winner, the prize money carries into the next drawing. The minimum jackpot is a whopping $40 million. Imagine, if there isn’t a winner, that $40 million is carried into the next week.

You can find out how much the jackpot is online. Make sure you take a moment to check it out before you buy your ticket. While you are looking at the prize amount you can also find the lottery drawing times.

How to Play Powerball

It’s very easy to play the Powerball once you know the rules. First, you have to choose five numbers. The numbers will range between 1 and 59, you can choose any five numbers you want.

After you choose five numbers you will have to pick a Powerball number. You will choose your Powerball number from a set of numbers ranging from 1 to 35. Your ticket automatically enters you into three different levels of prizes.

In total there are nine different categories of prizes available. The categories have prizes that range anywhere from $1 million or lower. If you choose to use the Power Play you can even win $2 million separate from the jackpot.

Enjoy Being Happy, Beautiful and Stylish

Playing the lottery means you believe in winning!

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