5 Natural Home Decor Ideas to Bring Your House to Life

//5 Natural Home Decor Ideas to Bring Your House to Life
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It’s no coincidence that you instantly feel calmer while in nature.

There are countless medical benefits to spending quality time in the great outdoors.

Did you know time spent in nature reduces stress and anxiety?

Being in nature has a direct effect on our heart rate and Cortisol levels- a hormonal stress marker.

Imagine bringing these benefits into the home. Natural home decor items accent the home in a way that mirrors nature’s glory.

Get excited about these home decor tips that make your house come alive.

5 Natural Home Decor Ideas

1) Stones and Crystals

Gemstones and crystals have very potent energy. They can enliven any space with their presence. It’s very beautiful to use various stones and crystals as decorative pieces.

Place them like shining gems atop stacks of books, on display shelves, and as gorgeous paperweights.

Agate stones are a popular option as well. Their bright colors make beautiful drink coasters on a coffee table.

2) Wood

Wooden details bring an earthiness into the home space. Long curly branches in tall glass vases are great in Fall.

You can also bring the outdoors by using large wooden stumps as stools around a coffee table. It’s a playful surprise that any guest would enjoy.

Also, you can create a unique curtain rod by taking a long, straight branch and attaching it about any door or window. It’s whimsical and a one-of-a-kind piece.

3) Plants

Nothing makes the home come alive like green plants. They purify our air and provide doses of fresh oxygen.

Place tropical plants in the bathroom to make it feel like a jungle shower.

Or even grow your own vegetable garden in your kitchen.

Hanging hydroponic gardens are now fully automated, and house up to 72 different plants.

Check out more details about hydroponic towers and get started growing your own herbs and veggies.

4) Water

Nothing calms like the sound of water trickling along. It can be an incredibly calming natural home decor element too.

Small stone fountains are easy to maintain, electric, and portable. For those with bigger ideas, imagine a small koi pond on a screened patio or porch. Their graceful swimming is something to just sit back and watch.

5) Flowers

Make it a weekly ritual to buy fresh flowers. It infuses the home with instant energy. You can also use whatever clippings you find from your yard or neighborhood. Even a simple Palm frond in a glass jar can create instant design magic.

As cut flowers begin to age you can bundle them and hang them to dry upside down. Bouquets of dry flowers hanging above a vanity or wardrobe add a feminine touch.

A favorite thing to do is make your own rose water with wilting roses. It’s very easy to do, natural, and has amazing calming benefits for your skin.

The Great Outdoors

Don’t hesitate to feel the benefits of living with nature. The positive attributes are too many to count, and the beauty they add to the home is priceless.

Empowering women to live their best life is our mission.

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