15 Creative Wedding Bands That Even He can Get Excited About

//15 Creative Wedding Bands That Even He can Get Excited About
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In 2016, an American wedding was at an average cost of $35,329. With the growing sophistication of weddings, the prices are constantly rising. Having creative wedding bands is one of the goals of each couple hoping to have a dream wedding.

The wedding ring is a special piece of jewelry and choosing a unique piece is paramount; you don’t have to settle for simple platinum or gold bands.

The wedding bands in this modern age are versatile in terms of color and design and if your wedding is approaching, you can check out on the many creative wedding bands.

15 Creative Wedding Bands That You Can Both Get Excited About

Choosing a wedding band is a special and important process of your wedding preparations. If you are looking for unique wedding bands for you and your future husband read on.

Consider one of these 15 creative wedding bands will excite him.

1. Rose and White Gold Two Tone Princess Cut Diamond Band Set

The band has a rose gold interior with a white gold surface, sparkly cut diamonds, and for lovers of the diamond, this piece is irresistible. You can choose a color combination that he will love or merge yours and his favorite color. The band set has a design that can be ideal for either the bride or groom.

2. Customizable Band

The customized band can have 20 gemstones to make it unique and striking when you see it at the store. The color combination on the rings will leave your future husband bewildered. Getting your custom rings from a trusted dealer will be worth every coin you spend.

3. Wave Design Diamond Wedding Band

If he loves diamonds, then the wave design is your ideal choice. The band is half polished and half satin with the three rounds of the diamond, which emit elegance. Your future husband will love this well-thought ring.

4. Rustic Style Band

Is your spouse is an outdoor type? Well, the rustic ring will ensure that he does not worry about scratches. You can have it with cross-hatch design for that cool look.

The rustic ring is distinct and ideal for any type of wedding.

5. 18 Karat and Palladium Wedding Band for Men

Surprise him with the amazing 18K palladium and yellow gold. The ring has moveable pieces at the center, which gives the ring an interesting final look. The diamond set gives it an exceptional finish and it will be a great statement as a phenomenal couple.

6. Titanium Rings

The adornment of vibrant colors on the set of titanium rings makes it highly alluring for lovers of color and pomp. These rings will go well with your colorful wedding and leave your guests amazed. You can choose a color combination that brings out your personality and that of your future husband.

7. ‘Rice Bead’ Ring

A carved design on the ‘rice bead’ will look appealing on his finger. The band is relatively small in width as compared to the traditional rings and is suitable for a man who loves a wider ring. Yet, you can customize it to get the size you deem fit.

The ring can be in yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. The finish is either matte or shiny but you request for other unique designs. With the choices available, you can get him something worth his attention.

8. Antique Rough Finish Wedding Band

This set of wedding rings has a unique center design rounded with edges. The finishing at the center is rough, while the edges are highly polished. The ring will give him that manly feel while maintaining elegance.

9. Black Tungsten Carbide Ring

This black ring has durable tungsten carbide, which gives it an extraordinary look. The edges are polished with a brushed finish. The ring brings out a masculine feel and you can get a feminine design with a softer tone for your liking.

10. A Vintage-like Lace-detailed Ring

The lace detailed ring is a rare piece that will excite your partner. You must try this creative wedding band idea because of its diverse styles and customizable themes. You can get a design that has two gemstones that you love.

With the vintage, you can go for diamonds or other gemstones your partner prefers.

11. Two-tone Cross Religious Wedding Band Set

If he loves the religious style, this wedding band will do. The ring has lovely cross designs with small braids on the side. The high polish on the ring gives it a shiny feel and the crosses complement it with an earthy texture.

This gold ring is ideal if you will have your wedding ceremony at the church. It is a unique wedding ring idea that speaks more about his interests.

12. The Ceres Ring

This beautiful wedding band results from two-linked bands to symbolize the marital union. The Ceres ring has its origin in Greek and Rome traditions. This makes it have a vintage look and appear antique at the same time.

The linked rings are 18K white and yellow gold. The connectors have white diamond pieces but you can choose a color combination that you find appealing.

13. Tapered Baguette Eternity Band

For a beautiful wedding bands idea, the Tapered Baguette band is an ideal choice. The eternity band has meticulously cut diamonds that make a seamless band. The hand-made piece is perfect with alternating diamond fitting well.

The total weight is approximately 6.50 carat. If your partner prefers and enjoys diamonds, the tapered baguette is an option to consider.

14. Written in Stars Band

A celestial band is a romantic piece that you can’t ignore if you are looking for wedding rings ideas. The gold ring has a constellation of stars. You can select the rings based on your partner’s zodiacal constellation.

With this handmade ring, you can have it designed to suit the way you want the stars to appear. If your wedding will be in the evening, the star-themed ring is in fact on course.

15. Matching Heart Diamond Wedding Bands

This wedding band set has a heart motif in two-pieces. When you put them together, the two pieces create a whole heart, which symbolizes love. His part of the ring is plain, while your ring has diamonds.

The ring is outstanding and will be a reminder of your love. Its high polish gives it a clear and shiny finish. You can customize and engrave it with a message for your fiancé.

Creative Wedding Bands Add Glamour to Your Wedding

You don’t have to settle for the traditional plain silver and gold rings, which have been prevalent for years. With the growth in the wedding industry, there is a variety of creative wedding bands. The innumerable options allow you to choose a ring that suits your preferences.

A ring is something sentimental and the choice should be well-thought. Before buying a band for your future husband, be sure that you understand his idea of a beautiful ring. Get him something he will rock confidently every day.

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