Have you ever seen such an ugly pair of shoes that you remained horrified?

I am sure you all did. Actually it seems that this “fugly” shoes phenomenon is becoming more and more popular towards the designer collections presented at the most important fashion events around the globe. The term became used recently after more and more designers conscientiously or not have created some really, really ugly shoes. It became a real trend and it made it to the top of the fashion world relatively easy and fast. Sound fashion brands like Stella McCartney, Prada, Marc Jacobs or Celine have adopted this trend (voluntarily or not) when accessorizing their garments on the runway. My question, normally comes, when I see such “frightening” pieces like this:

Why are designers doing such negative advertising to their brands?

Of course, negative advertising is better than no advertising…Fugly shoes caught the attention of media really fast and one interesting article came out on dailymail about Celine’s fur shoes for the Spring Summer 14 collection featuring the title “Are these the world’s ugliest shoes?”. I definitely share their opinion and worries towards the persons who are ready to pay £600 for such a horrible pair of shoes, which are compared in the article with something that “Shrek might slip on as he gets out of the shower”.



 Celine’s fugly slippers

I am still shocked by the fact that some people were wondering if these “beauties” are going to be the next “IT shoes”. I mean, we all love shoes. They are the most fashionable accessories a woman can wear. But from wearing something beautiful, which can truly flatter your entire look and feet to wearing something that almost looks alive it’s a huge step. Sometimes, fashion people are in lack of creative ideas in order to stand out and throw into the runway such “things”. When this beautiful art takes things to extreme (in a negative way), it disappoints. Even more disappointing is the fact that designers you are following since forever and are really seen as benchmarks within the industry have the nerve of asking 500 EUR on such grotesque items.

For not to fall too much into depression, let’s just have a little fun in seeing some of the ugliest shoes you have ever seen in your life. These are the kind of shoes that will make the classic crocs look stylish and fashionable! Be aware that the following photos can cause some serious eye and fashion-sense damages!!

#1 Stella McCartney White Tractor Soled Wedges


Yes, there are women wearing this kind of shoes. Yes, on the street. And yes, they feel “fashionable”…

#2  Iris Schieferstein Dead Animals Shoes

Designer creates shoes made from real dead animal parts, Berlin,

I am still in shock and I will not recover soon. Still, what doesn’t surprises me is the fact that Lady Gaga wore this kind of shoes.

#3 Mop Shoes


This is so sad, but it has its bright side. Whenever you feel too lazy to use the mop in cleaning your room, just put this kind of “fancy shoes” on and take a walk around. Cleaning done!

#4 Booty Shaped Heels


I would really, really want to know one good reason why somebody would like to create such an horrifying “work of art”. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them!

#5 Nicholas Kirkwood Sandals


Mr Kirkwood has managed to take the meaning of the word “kitsch” to a totally higher level by mixing colorful socks, silver and gold fabric, metallic colors (beside the socks’ ones) and of course, pom poms. Never thought of this combination, I have to admit!

#6 Jeffrey Campbell Troll Fur Hidden Wedges



As the name correctly highlights, this wedges were definitely meant for trolls, not humans! Unfortunately they are legal!


#7 J. W. Anderson UFO (Undefined Fashion Object)


You have to be very optimistic to think that this type of undefined shaped shoes are synonyms with high fashion!

#8 Louis Vuitton Daisy Half Boots


Yes, you have seen correctly! The LV logo it’s there on the greenish-awkwardish shoe…But still, I am not sure this is a shoe…

#9 Jean Paul Gaultier Fin Heels


This is a nightmare! I can’t imagine the audience’s look when such an item appeared on the runway. Anyway, we are talking about Gaultier here, so we have to give him a second chance..for the love of the gorgeous clothes he designed once.

#10 Balenciaga Multicolor Plastic Techno Sandals



I don’t really get it if it’s a shoe or some new species of tropical animals? Horror is the word describing this pair of shoes the best!

#11 Cherry Shaker Donut Shoes

estilo-tendances-fugly-shoes-Cherry Shaker

I guess the one designing this pair was really, really starving when did it. Otherwise, what would  be the rationale motives for creating a pair of shoes having donuts, cherries and some flower details? And let’s not mention the color combination!


#12 Celine furry pumps


This is one of the main reasons I feel depressed today and I can’t even imagine the models who had to wear this. I hope they were paid really good.


#13 Vibram Five Fingers Shoes


God, have mercy! When I am looking at this ( don’t really know how to call it because “shoes” is not the proper word) only Bigfoot comes into my mind!

#14 Givenchy Birkenstock Inspired Shoes


After #13 this pair looks really nice. I almost feel sorry I included in this top. Let’s not forget, though, that Givenchy asks around 600 EUR for them. Ok, I am not sorry anymore :)

#15 Gianmarco Lorenzo Knee-high Denim Boots


Beside the kitsch feeling they give me, the designer decided to make them knee-high just to be sure they are “visible”. I still cannot figure it out if they are boots or sandals…or both?

#16 Acne Tutu Covered Flip-Flops


From the series of shoes presented at the Paris Fashion Week, comes this amazing pair of flip-flops covered with some sort of feathers/tutu/whatever the designer wanted to do.

#17 Strip Shoes


And let me finish in glory. This pair of shoes may not seem as ugly as the other ones, but there is a really deep explanation behind the reason they are here. Girls all over the world adopted “the strip shoes phenomenon” feeling really classy and stylish. Let’s tell them the truth: You are not classy and stylish wearing strip shoes, you only look like a stripper!

Would you dare to wear one of these pairs?

Please comment bellow and let us know what you think – I hope it’s a really big “NO”!

Photosource: Talkshoes Dailymail Dailymail-2  Dailymail-3   Fitny Wanelo Nymag Oddculture Stylecaster