Your Go-To Guide on What to Wear Camping

//Your Go-To Guide on What to Wear Camping
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Summer 2018 isn’t over quite yet! If you’ve had your sights set on camping, there’s still time to enjoy the great outdoors this summer.

Camping attire may seem pretty straightforward. So long as you wear clothes you don’t mind dirtying up, what else is there to pack?

There’s more to understanding what to wear camping than most people realize. You’ll encounter a number of elements while “roughing it”. And you need to make sure you pack and prepare for any type of environment – rain or shine.

Even if you’re a city girl at heart, there’s no reason to feel intimidated. With this go-to guide about how to pack clothes for camping, you’ll be ready to rock the wilderness in no time.

Let’s get started!

The Basics

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to shell out lots of money on new clothes to go camping. Chances are you’ll already have most of what you need right in your closet.

But knowing what to wear camping will depend a lot on where you’re going.

We’ll go over how to pack for both warm and cold climates. But first, let’s explore the basics of camping attire that you should pack no matter where you’re going.


You’ll get a lot of use out of a pair of sneakers or running shoes. You should prepare to wear these upon arrival at the campgrounds. That way, you can set up camp without tripping.

Of course, you can never go wrong with a pair of hiking boots. Especially if you’re camping up in the mountains or plan to do extensive walking!

Jeans & Waterproof Pants

Plan to pack one pair of jeans and one pair of jean shorts in the summertime. You’ll stay cooler and move around better in jean shorts during the day.

The longer pair will come in handy if temperatures dip at nighttime. They’ll also help protect against mosquitos and other bugs that bite.

Plan to have at least one pair of waterproof pants on deck. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than wearing soaked jeans or sweatpants. And there’s no predicting when it could start raining, either.

Short Sleeve & 3/4 Sleeve Shirts

You can leave your nicest tops and blouses at home. Instead, plan to pack comfortable shirts you can afford to get dirty.

Bring a combination of short sleeve and 3/4 sleeve shirts. Not only are they easy to layer when it’s cold. You can wear them on their own during the day and with any type of pants.

You should also pack a few cotton tank tops for camping in the summer. You can either wear these on hot days or layer them under t-shirts.


There’s nothing like sitting down in front of a campfire after a day of hiking and swimming. You’ll look forward to shedding your day clothes into something clean and fresh. So, make sure you pack a cozy pair of pajamas!

You should also bring along a pair of yoga or sweatpants. You never know when you’ll want to throw these on for a nap or for a quick errand run.

Other Basics

Even if you’re going camping in the summer, plan to pack at least one sweater. A waterproof jacket or sweater is ideal. But you’ll want something to pull over and keep warm when it’s chilly.

Leave your nicest and most expensive bras and underwear at home. Instead, pack undergarments made of cotton, nylon, Lycra, or spandex. These materials are resistant to sweat, which will make for comfortable, chafe-free camping.

The same goes for socks. Pack plenty of waterproof and sweat-resistant socks made from these materials. That way, you can prevent blisters from forming.

You’ll also want to pack a combination of ankle socks and long socks. While hiking, wear longer socks to prevent tick bites. You should plan to wear long socks at all times if you’re camping deep in the woods.

As far as accessories go, plan to bring at least one pair of sunglasses. Don’t bring your most valuable pieces of jewelry along in case they get lost or damaged. If you must accessorize, go for jewelry made of embroidery floss, twine, or leather.

What to Pack for Camping in Warm Climates

Are you planning to go camping before the summer ends? You’ll want to pack a swimsuit if you’re camping near a body of water.

Bring a one-piece suit if you plan to do extensive swimming, kayaking, or canoeing. But if you plan to just lay out or go for a quick dip, a two-piece suit will suffice. You can read more here for ideas on swimsuits and active apparel to wear while camping this summer.

You should also plan to pack water shoes if you’ll go fishing or river hiking.

You can wear flip-flops or sandals around the campsite. They come in handy when you need to go to the bathroom or walk from your tent to the campfire, for example.

But you should expect to wear sneakers for the majority of your time camping. The ground below your feet may not always be level. So, you want to make sure you keep your feet supported at all times.

What to Wear Camping in Cold Climates

Planning to hit the great outdoors in a snowy mountain range? If so, you may be wondering how to pack clothes for camping in colder climates.

In addition to the basics, you’ll want to pack water-proof jackets and pants. Thermal underwear is also a must if you plan to camp up in the mountains or somewhere cold. That’s in addition to plenty of layers in between your long underwear and outer layers.

Don’t forget a hat, a backup pair of gloves, plenty of wool socks, a scarf, and a neck warmer!

Are You Ready to Rock the Great Outdoors?

Knowing what to wear camping can be intimidating if you’ve never camped before. But by packing basic camping attire and preparing for the climate ahead, you’ll be more than ready to go.

There’s still plenty of summer left to enjoy the great outdoors. And even if you can’t go camping until the fall, now is the time to start planning.

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