What To Wear To A Pool Party

//What To Wear To A Pool Party

Are you heading to a pool party?

And you do not know what to wear for this occasion? No worries, we prepared for you the ultimate fashion guide for a pool party: swimsuits, cover-ups, shoes, accessories, hairstyles and make-up.


The first on the list is a classic string bikini in colour you like. You can even opt for two bikinis in different, but complementing colours to mix one colour on the top with the other on the bottom. One shoulder swimsuits are elegant and flattering on any body shape. Another option is a sexy cut-out swimsuit. If you are the fan of the retro style, a high-waisted bikini bottom is a trend number one this summer.


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Beach kaftans, sarongs and cover-ups

Beach kaftans are the most practical pieces of clothing you can wear at a pool party. We recommend printed beach kaftans with tassel trims. You can opt for a floral maxi dress as well. Embroidered tops are a must-have this summer so you can choose them as well. Have you considered a beach kimono? Finally, you can wear a sarong in any colour and print you like.

What To Wear To A Pool Party

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What To Wear To A Pool Party

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Boho chic

This outfit includes a classic black string bikini and an ivory mini lace dress as a cover-up(see the third picture). A boho necklace in black or ivory colour looks great with this outfit. Pair up this look with black T-bars sandals. Complement your boho look with a wine red hat and a pair of sunglasses you like the most.

What To Wear To A Pool Party

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What To Wear To A Pool Party7

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What To Wear To A Pool Party

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Turquoise beauty

For this outfit, you will need a turquoise bandeau swim top and a skimpy string bottom in the same colour. As a cover-up, you can choose a turquoise blouse with spaghetti straps and floral shorts. Add a white bag and white strappy sandals. Complete your look with a white hand watch and a vintage style heart necklace.

What To Wear To A Pool Party

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What To Wear To A Pool Party

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Fringe is in

An ivory fringe bikini top and  shorts is the combination you will fall in love with immediately. Pair this outfit with ivory ankle strap heels. You can add a dark red straw hat and a black boho backpack as accessories.

What To Wear To A Pool Party

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What To Wear To A Pool Party

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Crochet is a making a comeback

This retro outfit includes a red bandeau swim top and a red high-waisted bottom. For a cover-up, choose a gorgeous white crochet blouse with bat sleeves. Pair this beautiful outfit with beaded leather sandals and an ivory wristlet. Add an ivory straw hat, a black Ray ban sunglasses and a red bead necklace to complete the outfit.

What To Wear To A Pool Party

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What To Wear To A Pool Party

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Wearing make-up while swimming is attainable nowadays. After all, you want to look your best at a pool party. The most important thing to remember when it comes to the make-up for a pool party is that you should choose water-proof cosmetics. From foundation and mascaras to lipsticks and eye shadows: all of these should be waterproof. Before applying foundation, a tan activator serum is recommended because it provides you with more effective sun protection. Apart from water-proof eye shadows, you can opt for water-proof smudge sticks. If you want to make sure your eye shadow does not disappear while swimming, a sealing gel is what you need. You can also apply face saver gel before the make-up in order to reduce the amount of sweat on your face.

What To Wear To A Pool Party

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If you need to have your hair out of your face for some period of time during a pool party, a high pony is the most practical choice. For girls with short hair or shoulder-length hair, the ideal hairstyle is sleeked back hair. After swimming, use some gel and your hairstyle is done. There is perfect pool party hairstyle for naturally wavy hair: messy side swept hair. For the funs of braids, a messy French braid is your perfect choice. Whatever hairstyles you are wearing, you can always accessorize it flower hairclips.


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What To Wear To A Pool Party

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You can make a number of outfits with these recommendations. Finally, do not forget one more accessory: a smile on your face!

Which one is your favourite accessory to a pool party?

Comment below and tell us your opinion!

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