What To Wear To a Casino Party With the Girls

//What To Wear To a Casino Party With the Girls
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Deciding what to wear to a casino party can be a challenge.

While most casinos don’t post a dress code, there are plenty of rumors about what you should and shouldn’t wear. Poker tournaments hosted in casinos show players wearing everything from full suits to sweats and t-shirts.

Action movies depict casinos as being packed full of tuxedo-clad men and women in slinky, sparkling gowns.

If you’ve got your girls together for a casino party and aren’t sure what to wear, keep reading to learn a few tips about what to wear to a casino.

Skip the Sweats

Even though many casinos don’t post a dress code doesn’t mean that you should wear whatever you’d like.

You won’t get kicked off of the floor for wearing jeans or a t-shirt, but you may not receive the same level of service and respect. You’ll also stick out among the other patrons wearing party clothes or formal wear.

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Opt for a Classic

Dressing nice for a casino party doesn’t necessarily mean a floor-length gown.

If your casino party is in Las Vegas, or at a fancy, high-end casino, a classic little black dress is always a great choice. Anything you’d wear to a nice club, like short party dresses, black pants or leggings and flashy tops, or other similar attire is also appropriate.

Now is the time to dress up your outfit with nice or trendy jewelry, cute shoe, and other accessories.

If you’ll be visiting a smaller casino, jeans and a nice top or a more casual dress is more often the norm.

Choose Something Comfortable

While it can be tempting to strap on sky-high keels or a tight dress in an itchy material, think twice.

Many casinos are very large, and you’ll be covering a lot of ground during your time there. From trekking to restaurants and bars on property, to finding your favorite slot or table game, you’ll be doing a lot of walking and standing.

Choose shoes that you’ll be okay in for several hours, as well as clothing that won’t be annoying you during your visit. You’re here to have fun, so make sure that you’re not wearing anything that will get in the way of that.

Pay Attention to Invites for Special Events

If you and your girls will be visiting a casino for a special event, like a holiday party or concert, pay attention to your ticket or invite for any instructions about what to wear.

Sometimes events will be classified as white or black tie, and require you to wear formal wear like a floor-length gown. Other times, events will be listed as business casual, and your LBD will be perfect.

Dress for Your Next Casino Party or Other Event

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