Walk the Indie Runway: 4 Independent Fashion Designers to Support

//Walk the Indie Runway: 4 Independent Fashion Designers to Support
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Sick of buying your clothes from the same old brands?

If you are, you might want to consider purchasing clothes from independent fashion designers. In doing so, you’ll be able to get access to clothes that have unique designs you wouldn’t find at your local mall.

Here’s a list of 4 independent designers worth checking out. If you’re looking to buck the current fashion trends, these designers can help you get the job done.

Let’s begin!


This is a brand that caters specifically to men’s fashion, and they have a focus on being socially conscious.

In fact, aside from their core fashion business, Apolis also works with non-profits around the world. They have projects that help people in locations such as Uganda, Nepal and even Peru! Thus, if you want to support independent fashion designers and non-profits at the same time, consider checking out Apolis.

First Rite

First Rite is a brand based in the tech hub of San Francisco. For such a high-tech area, it’s unusual to find a startup that’s focused on making clothes.

That said, the brand is gaining momentum, and it’s down to the production style of First Rite. The company makes it a priority to produce clothes using only natural fibers. This focus on sustainability is helping the brand gain ground in the world of men and women’s fashion.


Everlane is another brand that’s gaining a lot of attention on the international fashion platform. A lot of this comes down to the marketing style used by the brand as it brought attention to itself using an ‘invite only model.’

The brand also wants everyone to know about its supply chain, and it often creates content based on the factories used to make its clothes. The fact this company seeks to shine a light on its factories is refreshing. Especially when a lot of fashion companies are quiet about their production processes.

Anne B

Anne B is a company that primarily creates bags using traditional sewing techniques. One of the cool things about this brand is its specialist line of bags called ‘The Made Collection.’

This goal for this line is to support a range of socially conscious efforts. For instance, profits will be directed to help those in the USA that attend sewing schools. But some of these profits will also be used to hire refugees that’ll be able to supplement their income by working with Anne B.

Ready to Buy From Some Independent Designers?

If you want to support independent designers, the list of brands we’ve explored in this post can help you get started.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to revamp your entire wardrobe. Just one purchase can make a massive difference to someone that’s looking to build momentum for their independent brand.

Remember that new independent designers are popping up every day. Thus, if you can’t find anything you like at the moment, that’s not a problem. As long as you keep searching you should find a designer that’s perfect for you.

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