Unique Shapes, Color Blocking and Line Fabrics

//Unique Shapes, Color Blocking and Line Fabrics

Are you a rebel? Are you a fighter?

If you answered the above question and the answer is yes, you have to start showing it. They say that the 1st step to being is believing. In this case, believing in yourself and not being afraid to express the real you. And what if the colors are bright, what if they stand out of the crowd? If you have the right attitude no one is going to point fingers at you, maybe only to say: Wow, look at that outfit!

Copyright CRAYO Watches USA

Copyright CRAYO Watches USA

This is what we are going to figure out today: how to wear color block, how to wear geometrical shaped outfits and how to wear different line fabric, without leaving the wrong impression. It might be tricky sorting out which colors go with which, which shape with which and how you make them work together, but it is not impossible.


To begin with, let’s see the color block hitting the runway. I’m sure this will inspire you and make you want to walk in their shoes.

Color block, shapes and lines on the runway

Shapes and lines on the runway

Valentino lines and color block. Found on www.valentino.com

Found on  vogue.co.uk

Valentino lines and color block. Found on www.valentino.com

Valentino lines and color bock. Found on  vogue.co.uk

Valentino lines and color block. Found on www.valentino.com

Now that you’ve witnessed the color explosions and the pattern storm you are probably starting to re-define normal. Are you still thinking: “I would never wear this!”? Then it’s time to see how women like you wear it. They take color block and bring it to the streets, to the offices and to the parties. They are courageous and fears and don’t really care what people think. These women are all about patterns and mixes of colors that make you go out of your mind.

Color block on the streets


Found on lookastic.com


Found on fashionscene.nl

Did you get the taste of it? The savour of these strong colors, that will make you look like a delicious ice-cream. They scream happiness and joy and just make you feel better in the morning.

If you are not sure how to combine the colors here is some piece of advice. Think of the primary colors — blue, red, and yellow – as three points of the clock face stationed at 12, 4 and 8. Halfway between red and yellow will be orange, halfway between yellow and blue will be green, and halfway between blue and red will be purple. From there, you can fill in all the shades of the rainbow.

Next you have to decide if your color-block selection is going to be made of complementary colors (shades from opposite sides of the wheel), monochromatic colors (the same color in different shades), neutral colors (white, black, grays, browns) or analogous colors (shades that neighbor each other in the color wheel. If you feel a little bit more confident you can add up some neon colors as well -just imagine how that hot pink would look on you!

The possibilities are endless as well as the patterns you can have going while wearing colorful clothes. Did I just make it more complicated? Let me show you some great examples of style that will make you understand better.

Patterns, lines and color block


Found on lolobu.com

Accessories, particularly a big belt, chunky jewelry and eye-catching shoes are an ideal way to take color blocking to another level. Bright, patterned prints, like scarves and belts, can also spruce up a color-block ensemble, provided you let the colors in the print dictate which colors you put together.

Most importantly, have fun and be yourself!

How do you like to wear color block?

Comment bellow and share your favorite combos with us!

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